Thundercats Come Full Circle With Minimates Wave 4

By kastor417 - August 7, 2013

Tcats Minimates Kastor's KornerThe Thundercats are going back to their roots with the newest set of Minimates. First available at the AFX shop at Comic Con, the fourth wave of Thundercats round out the original team of good and evil for fans of the classic series.

The newest sets of Thundercats Minimates offers fans the chance to build up their ranks and added their biggest foes to the collection. This new set can be considered a bookend to last year’s first set of Thundercats Minimates– Wave 4 features a living version of Jaga, a young Lion-o, a transformed Mumm-ra, Ma-mutt, and finally Grune the Destroyer.

Tcats Minimates Kastor's Korner08What really makes this set worth tracking down are the extra features. Jaga comes with a passive and active version of the Sword of Omens and an extra “older” head with hair. Grune also has the ability to change his appearance– collectors will be able to display him as either with the young Jaga as a Thundercat, or with the evil mutants because of an extra torso. Grune also comes with his infamous spiked hammer. Mumm-ra also has the ability to change appearance, thanks to all his extras. The master of evil on Third Earth comes with the sword of Plun-darr, extra lower arms which allow the figure to have extensions to his cape, and his faithful pet Ma-mutt. Also included in this set there are figure stands– a first for the Thundercats sets, and an extra Panthro armor piece. The armor is fragile, so you might want to heat up the piece a little before placing it on a figure. The only figure without articulation is Ma-mutt, like Snarf and the Ber-bils before him.

The inclusion of the two versions of Jaga and Grune makes it difficult to not want a second set to recreate the older generation of Thundercats allies. This set will also allow collectors to recreate some famous scenes from the original cartoon like the Mutants attacking Young Lion-o and Jaga giving the nobles their garments.

These sets continue to make it impossible to stay away from collecting Minimates, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned past Wave Five!

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