Thundercats FUNKOOOOOOO!!!!!

By kastor417 - March 27, 2014

Funko Pop Vinyl Panthro. Well, just like I said it would I started tracking down some Pop Vinyl figures from Funko. Panthro is just the second of many to come. 

Like Wicket the figure has window box for storage and MOC collectors, and a great design. The colors are straight out of the 80’s cartoon, with bight royal  blue standing out against his light gray skin. His only articulation point is the neck which allows for full 360 rotation of the head. He is holding his signature weapon, his nunchucks.

The simple design makes it a perfect desk top toy for collectors. It is study enough to stand up to being in the office, and not so expensive that you want to keep it safe at home.

I know I will be grabbing some more of the Thundercats as they come out, but my next figure I will be on the hunt for is Marty McFly, and maybe Nightwing.


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