Thundercats Are On The Loose

By kastor417 - August 12, 2016

Thundercats SDCC 16 Kastors KornerMattel kicked off the Thundercats line with the kittens at Comic Con this year.

Although the line is in danger now that Matty Collector is dead in the water, the figures might some of the best in years from the company. The first two figures from the Thundercats line, the kittens, are just proof that Mattel can produce good figures. The detailing on the figures is much better than their retail lines, capturing the look of the cartoon in modern plastic form.

Thundercats SDCC 16 Kastors Korner 08Accessories are always the first thing to go when it comes to figures, but in this case the chracters are complete. In the 80’s if you wanted the kittens you had to by Cheetara and Tygra, and settle for non-poseable figures, it was not until later waves that the poseable versions of the chracters were available. Mattel did the kittens right this time, giving fans fully poseable figures will all the accessories that should have in their arsenal. Fans of the original 80’s line might be wondering why they have whips instead of lassos, and some of the design choices made by the sculptors. Well instead of using the original cartoon as references for the kittens, they choose to use the minimate versions of the kittens. There is nothing wrong with the minimate versions, but they are modern interpretations of the characters, and this is a classics line. Lets hope the Horsemen look to the cartoons and original art work if the line continues past the four figures this fall. If not pointed out to me by one of the fans of the line I might have missed these little details, because the figures are just that good. The colors really pop on these figures, mimicking the look of the cartoon perfectly. The simple lines and colors are what make these figures impressive and heartbreaking at the same time. The thought that the line will not continue is devastating, so hopefully Super 7 will be able to save the line.

The only thing I am having a hard time judging is the size of the kittens, will they be in scale or over sized like the figures from the 80’s. Once we have Lion-o in hand this September, we should be able to see how good these two figure really are.

The kittens go on sale in a few days, hopefully all collectors will have a chance to get them and they won’t turn into another Gleek-gate.




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