Once Upon a Time 4.01 “Tale of Two Sisters”

By staff-writers - October 6, 2014

Out 401Winter has come to Storybrooke in the season four premier and with it comes brand new additions to the cast and storyline. Elsa has come to Storybrooke and what she is looking for isn’t initially clear. Is she looking for something? Is she out for revenge?

Back in Arendelle, Elsa helps Anna prepare for her wedding to Kristoff. Anna is overjoyed and a bundle of energy.  Even though Elsa is a little concerned over Sven’s attire for the wedding, she discovers something that begins to overwhelm her- her parent’s diary. It is in this diary she reads something she does not want Anna to know, something that tears her apart.

In winter comes snow and ice, things become buried or hidden.  Elsa has her secrets from Anna, but she isn’t the one thing hiding things. Regina, overcome with rage with Marian being back in Robin’s life, places the blame on Emma.  Robin tries to console her; he doesn’t believe she is the monster Marian calls her. But he is man of his word and will stay true to his vow to Marian. He loves her.

This does not bode well for Regina whose heart seems bent on revenge. She wants Marian out of picture and the only one she can turn to is Sidney Glass, her trusted advisor, her mirror. Only her mirror that can show her when to destroy Marian.

Rumple goes to visit Neal’s grave and reveals his secret from last season. He tells Neal how he has lied to Belle about the dagger, but does not want to continue with the lie.  He wants to return to the man he was. The man Neal ended up dying for.  However, while in their new home, Rumple finds a mysterious object and with the power of the dagger brings out a magical Sorcerer’s hat straight out of the pages of Fantasia. What does this mean for Rumple? Will he be able to live up to his promise?

Meanwhile, back in Arendelle, Anna confronts Elsa who shares her discovery. Their parents had lied to them. They were afraid of Elsa’s powers. Always the optimist, Anna decides to seek the help of her future in-laws. It is there it is revealed that they can find the truth in the magical place of Misthaven. With this news, Anna is able to evade Elsa-with the help of Kristoff- and board a ship to Misthaven. All this is done without her sister’s permission. It comes to light that this magical place is known by another name to its inhabitants- they know it as Storybrooke.

As always, Regina has come up with a new plan. She no longer blames Emma or Marian for her troubles. She blames the power of the book. Henry’s book.  It is in this book that the villains, those who covet what cannot be theirs, never get their happy endings. She is willing to do whatever it takes to find the writer of the book. It is the writer’s power she needs.

With the episode closing, we are left with a lot of questions. We know that Elsa is searching for her sister and for answers. She has seen Anna’s star necklace in Rumple’s shop.  But what is she willing to do to find what she is looking for? Will she go as far as Regina? With all that has happened over the past seasons, is Regina really going to resort to her evil ways again? Only the rest of the season can provide the answers.

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