Once Upon a Time 4.08: “Smash the Mirror”

By staff-writers - December 2, 2014

out 408In Smash the Mirror two Storybrooke villains battle for control. But who will be victorious?

Smash the Mirror was a special two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time but it felt more like a one-hour episode stretched thin to double the time. While at times the episode dragged, important plot points were revealed.  It focuses on having the strength to be true to oneself, to accept who you are.

As the episode begins, Emma continues to have trouble controlling her own magic- trouble accepting who she truly is. She escapes to the woods in order to keep herself from harming the ones she loves.  Despite her attempts to hid in the forest, Henry finds her. In an effort to protect him, Emma accidently zaps Henry with magic, injuring him in the process.  This is the breaking point for Emma. She doesn’t want to be this person. She doesn’t want to have powers.  Rumpelstiltskin seems to be her only hope.

Emma asks Rumpelstiltskin for help in getting rid of her powers forever. Rumple agrees without hesitation,. With a casual reminder that magic always comes with a price, he promises to meet Emma at a secret location. Here Rumple shows his true colors. He is not the converted man he has lead Belle, and most of the town, to believe. He wants to rid Emma of her powers as part of his master plan. Only Hook seems to be the only able to see through his rouse.

Meanwhile, Ingrid, the Snow Queen, has latched onto a spell even Rumple doesn’t know about: When three magical sisters embrace their power, when they accept who they truly are, their force is unparalleled. This enables her to cast a  more powerful version of  “Shattered Sight”. The same spell she used on Anna causes her to trap Elsa in the urn. With this spell she can turn everyone is Storybrooke against each other.  They will destroy each other.

Ultimately, while the episode stresses the point of acceptance, it also gives a warning. We all have different sides. No one single person is just good, or just bad. It is what we choose to do with those traits that matter.  Emma and Elsa have embraced who they are – creating a powerful bond (and fireworks display).  Now  our citizens of Storybrooke will have to do the same. Gold finally showed his true colors, Emma and Elsa have accepted their powers, and  they all played right into the Snow Queen’s master plan.

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