Once Upon A Time Episode 2.11 – “The Outsider”

By staff-writers - January 21, 2013

In the old fairy tale, a man was turned into a beast to match the ugliness inside him, but he was able to change. Has Belle’s luck run out? Can she truly help save another beast?

After nearly avoiding an attack by Captain Hook a man with a face of a prince, but a heart of a monster she begins to ask Rumpel a few questions about his past. While heading back to Gold’s shop, Rumpel tells Belle “half-truths” about his rivalry with Hook.

In pre-curse Fairytale, Belle is talked into joining a hunt for the Yaoguai – a lion monster with mane of fire terrorizing villages in a far off land .Belle uses her books to track down the Yaoguai . She can find the monster but does not have the warrior skill to defeat it. There at the opening of the monster’s cave she ruins another hunter’s chase – Mulan. They stalk the Yaoguai together. Mulan is hurt from saving Belle. Now that the Yaoguai is spotted, Belle needs to kill it.

Instead of trying to defeat it with brute strength, Belle employs the village irrigation system to extinguish the Yaoguai’s fire. Just as she is about to kill it, the Yaoguai starts writing in Chinese – it needs help. Belle uses the fairy dust on the Yaoguai. In traditional storybook fashion, the beast is only a monster on the outside. The monster turns into Prince Phillip. He thanks Belle and agrees to help the hurt Mulan Belle leaves to save her monster, she’s saving Rumpel.

Back in Storybrooke, Belle ventures to the docks and finds the invisible ship. Belle saves Archie, yet stays behind to search for the cloak. Bad timing, Hook finds her and gets her gun; but she gets the cloak. Rumpel arrives just in time to rescue Belle and take revenge on Hook. The crocodile doesn’t eat the Captain thanks to a little cajoling by Belle. There is humanity left in the monster!

This episode ends in a world wind. Belle is injured but she is tougher than she looks. She fights for what she believes in – Rumpel. Now that she doesn’t remember Rumpel can her beast be truly saved? A car comes careening into Storybrooke missing Rumpel and Belle but crashes into Hook. It seems after the curse is broken, outsiders can visit. There is only one thing this can mean…trouble.


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