Tony Stark Sticks It To The Man(darin) In New Iron-Man 3 Clip

By bill - April 10, 2013

tony stark IM3 featWe don’t need no stinkin’ Iron-Man in this Iron-Man 3 clip.

Because the marketing machine will be so fast and furious, and I am only one person, I don’t plan on covering every single trailer, ad and video clip released for Iron-Man 3 (sorry), although this latest clip is interesting in that it focuses only on Tony Stark and not his armored Avenger alter-ego.

What we get here is an extended version of a scene from the trailers, which shows off a little more of Tony’s televised “Good old fashioned revenge” speech to the villainous Mandarin.  I love that Iron Man 3‘s marketing keeps going back to this concept of playing out small scenes from the film, instead of relying solely on typical action montages like most trailers… and Tony proves to be quite the badass here, even without his iconic super-suit.

And if you’re in the California area, fun fact– Tony’s home address is 10880 Malibu Point, 90265.  We know Dr. Strange’s real-world address is a Pinkberry in New York City, but sadly it appears there is no real-world landmark at Stark’s on-screen address.

Either way, this clip has me even more excited to check out Iron-Man 3 next month… how about you?

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