Toy Fair 2012: Mezco Toyz

By jason - February 13, 2012


Mezco Toyz has a great track record for producing stylish and unique takes on licensed properties along with their creative originals.  With a stellar showing at Toy Fair, Mezco is set to continue this trend as they unveiled some killer new franchises while continuing to expand on their existing lines.  Check out what they have in store for you this year!

First and foremost, a new Universal Monsters line should launch in September, starting with Frankenstein’s Monster (with The Mummy and The Creature From The Black Lagoon debuting in early 2013).  All three figures are 9” scale and look really impressive.  Mezco incorporated some subtle exaggeration in the character’s features, resulting in unique sculpts that resemble the source material without looking like caricatures.  One thing I really dug on this set was that, between Frank’s cloth suit and Mummy & Creature’s molded detail in their respective wrappings and scaly skin, the multiple points of articulation are very well hidden.  For the collector’s into large scale items, Mezco will also be offering an enormous “Mega Deluxe” vinyl version of Frankenstein’s Monster.  This behemoth has similar sculpted features to it’s smaller counterpart, but looks a bit more stocky and squat in comparison.  I’m really hoping the Universal Monsters line takes off so we may get to see future iterations like Wolfman or Dracula.

In another great Toy Fair unveiling, Mezco announced they will be producing two figures based on the Mars Attacks card set that Topps released in 1962.  Celebrating the 50-year anniversary of everyone’s favorite doomsday bringers, we will be treated with 6” and 3.75” scale versions of the Martians as they appeared on the classic cards.  The final build will include a weapon accessory as well as a clear dome to finish off the suit.  The prototype at the show had several articulation points and looked like it would be a blast to play with.  The sculpt totally nailed the detail in their brain-like heads & skeletal fingers and the soulless eyes are full-on creepy.  Look for these guys along with a plush version in September.

Living Dead Dolls had quite the showing with a great new series, some special designs, and a set of mini figurines.  Series 23 of the LDD line launches in July and features five dolls (Teddy, Quack, Agatha, Jennocide, & Betsy) enjoying a macabre tea party.  Each doll is packaged with a tea cup with the exception of Betsy, who comes with a skull-shaped teapot.  In addition, each one includes a table leg which, when combined and snapped onto the box’s signature coffin lid, form a table at which said tea can be enjoyed.  It’s a pretty neat gimmick.  Continuing the Universal Monster theme, Dracula & Frankenstein LDD’s will also be hitting shelves in early 2013 with Drac looking debonnaire as ever.  Chucky of Child’s Play fame will also be getting an accurate LDD doll lateron this year.  Living Dead Doll’s “Scary Tales” Series 3 & 4 will also be released in March and May featuring Hansel & Gretel and Snow White & the Evil Queen respectively.  Finally, Mezco is launching some rather adorable new Living Dead Dolls figurines in October featuring some really fun sculpts (including “Frozen Charlotte,” a little blue-eyed ice skater who has fallen into the icy waters).  Wrapping up the horror themed pieces, Creepy Cuddlers plush versions of Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and Billy (the SAW puppet) will be available in August along with smaller clip-on keychain versions as well.

Moving on to more lighthearted territory, Earthworm Jim will be getting a proper action figure treatment in 2012.  Packaged with a game-accurate plasma blaster, this 6” scale figure looks ready for action.  Although the details on articulation in the final build are still up in the air, his spindly legs will make it hard to incorporate any motion from the waist down.  The wire-framed bendy worms are a nice touch, however, and I will love to see him posed on my shelf later this year.  Another videogame franchise, Little Big Planet, will be seeing its fourth series of Sackboy figures along with minis in a variety of fun outfits.

Mezco had a number of their blocky Mez-itz to show off, featuring a variety of designs based on the upcoming Dark Knight film and classic DC properties in both 6” and 2” versions with 2” keychains as well.  The 2” batman figure with a Tumbler replica was especially cool.  There are no current plans to start designing Mez-itz features “New 52” outfits, but a definite possibility for the future.  Last year’s 12” Lion-o figure from classic Thundercats was a knockout and this May and August, he will be joined by Mumm-Ra and Panthro.  Both figures look absolutely fantastic and the tattered cloth on Mumm-Ra is a great addition – definite purchases for any Thundercats fan.

Wrapping up their strong showing were new lines of figures and bobbleheads for the Spongebob Squarepants and Domo licenses.  The three Domo figures are adorned in charming outfits (including a luchedor mask, bowler hat with umbrella, and pink Mohawk with guitar) and are surprisingly fully articulated.  The Spongebob sculpts look excellent as well and series one will include Spongbob himself, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick.  In a really smart move, Patrick doesn’t have any articulated joints but rather a wire skeleton surrounded by a squishy material, allowing him to be posable while maintaining his soft & fluid look on the show.  Look for both lines this summer, with a second series of Spongebob tentatively slated for November.

Overall, Mezco again delivers an eclectic and (more importantly) fun catalog of upcoming toys.  From gory & disturbing to happy & whimsical, they offer something for everyone and will universally put a smile on your face.

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