TOY FAIR 2012: Round 5 and MAD Team Up For The Temple of King-Fu

By bill - February 14, 2012

Temple of Kung-Fu is the new collaboration of Round 5 and MAD to bring a new series of designer toys inspired by martial arts legend Bruce Lee, and both companies were in attendance at Toy Fair to show off the goods! Get all the details on one of the coolest designer toys to debut at Toy Fair!

The Temple of Kung-Fu series will feature 3″ super stylized Kung-fu action figures inspired by Bruce Lee’s classic movies, with the debut series due in August. Like many art toy lines, the figures will be blind-boxed, and will also sport some fun and elusive chase figures. Unlike some other art lines, the Temple of Kung-Fu figures will sport multiple points of articulation, including a ball-jointed head, arms and waist. While we couldn’t get any shots of the figures themselves, trust me when I say these guys are packed with personality, and are going to be a must-have collection for any fans of classic Kung-Fu movies and the master Bruce Lee.

In addition to the Temple figures, 2012 will also see the release of Bruce Lee fists, which make hitting and voice noises on impact (think the electronic Hulk fists plus cool Kung-Fu sound effects for an idea of how cool these are). Other Bruce Lee figures being released by Round 5 and MAD include a super-deformed Lee figure, along with a gold-colored variant.

Check out the press release for more details on the Temple of Kung-Fu… and look for Series One to hit stores this August!

The first Temple of Kung Fu figures scheduled for global release this Summer will feature a 3-inch blind box assortment of 28 characters including a variety of mystery characters, and will be available at select retailers around the world. In addition to the standard figures, Temple of Kung Fu will include hyper-limited chase figures featuring alternative colorways, costume designs, and accessories.

The Temple of Kung Fu will feature a broad variety of figures inspired by the legend and career of Bruce Lee, and those of Kung Fu history and lore.

MAD, best known for his collaborations with Kidrobot, is eager to be working on the Bruce Lee brand. “I’ve been a fan of Bruce Lee since watching his movies as a kid, and he’s become such an icon I jumped at the opportunity to create this line,” said MAD. “I think everyone will be blown away by our first release.”

Round 5 is the premier manufacturer of officially licensed collectible figures based on the hottest sports and entertainment properties in the world. With a vast line of figures based on the most popular personalities in the sport of mixed martial arts and a new series of Bruce Lee-branded characters, Round 5 caters to a discerning market passionate about sports, entertainment and limited-edition collectibles. For more information, visit Round 5 on the web at
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