Toy Fair 2013: Bif Bang Pow’s Big Year

By bill - February 12, 2013

With over 100 new prototypes on display since last Summer’s Comic Con, 2013 is going to be a BIG year for Bif Bang Pow.  Get the latest on their huge plans for the year.

Bif Bang Pow has amassed an enormous range of properties over the past few years, and both their retro and modern licenses will continue strong in 2013!  Each includes a wide range of themed products from lunch boxes and glassware to 8″ Mego-style figures, and all the new offerings looked amazing.

Six Million Dollar Man will continue with Steve Austin in his space suit, Barney Hiller, Mr. X Rboto, and an exact replica of the vintage 70’s SMDM lunch box, which was crafted directly from an authentic vintage box the company tracked down.  One of the company’s biggest reveals was the Big Bang Theory license, which will include a series of Mego-style figures of the core cast from the hit CBS comedy.

The vintage style Battlestar Galactica will also return, with Lucifer and Athena, Imperious Leader and Tigh, and Boomer and Baltar on the way.  Dr. Who will have another big year as well, with new figures and an awesome playset that looks just like the cardboard/ vinyl sets Mego released in the 70s.  However this new set includes a sturdier construction, made of compressed cardboard with a very slick finish, and show-accurate sound effects, which are housed in a chip which is detachable to convert to a keychain!

Star Trek is another exciting new license for BBP! had on display, and their lofty plan is to release over 150 bobbles, ranging from characters to ships across many iterations of the Trek universe.  The first series will feature the crew of the Next Generation, and the entire crew’s bases will be able to combine to form a Bridge display base.  The main crew will all be represented, with a final piece of the puzzle coming with Wesley Crusher, who will be offered as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.  Star Trek will also feature some killer retro glassware, such as very cool, shot glasses which looked incredible.

Venture Bros. will also be continuing, with the 3.75″ and retro 8″ toy lines… as well as the first, ever Venture drinkwear!  From the color-changing, blood spattered Brock Samson mug to the pink mod Dr. Girlfriend water bottle, every corner of the Venture universe was well-represented.  The 3.75″ line will continue, with the next assortment hitting in just a few weeks, along with the anxiously anticipated Dr. Killinger/ Billy Quizboy wave of retro figures.

Future retro Venture figures coming later in 2013 include Alchemist and Shore Leave, Pete White and Jefferson Twilight, and the amazing brand new reveals– Sgt. Hatred and H.E.L.P.e.R.

It’s going to be a big and exciting year for Bif Bang Pow.  They’ve made some smart choices with mass appeal licenses, and from the drinkware to bobbleheads to retro figures, they’re really offering something for everyone with a geeky side.

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