Toy Fair 2013: Dark Horse Shows Off a Slew of New Collectibles

By jason - February 16, 2013

Dark Horse packed a ton of cool new collectibles into their misleadingly small booth at this year’s Toy Fair.  New series of some old favorites were on hand but there’s also a few awesome surprises in store for 2013.

For starters, their Game of Thrones licensed products are still going strong as they continue to expand the line. Both painted and metallic pins were on hand featuring the Hand of the King and the Littlefinger Mockingbird as well as the shield crests of Greyjoy, Renly, Stannis, and Lannister.  A second series of coasters will also be released to complement the beautifully simplistic house crest designs of the first set, this time featuring artwork for Greyjoy, Arryn, Tully, and Tyrell.  These are complemented by magnets featuring various house crests as well as character stills from the HBO show and even embroidered crest patches.  What I really loved though, was the drinkware.  Pint glasses, shot glasses, mugs, steins, and even a metal can cooler bear the iconic house crests and look fantastic. The steins look especially great with a nice, wide base and should be hitting shelves in the very near future.  Of course, for the serious collector, there are also some amazing statues that will be released within the next month. You may have already seen the Dire Wolf bookends on shelves and the great looking Tyrion statue isn’t far behind with a release date later this month.  In March, the mini replica of the iron throne will finally be released as well and will make a great addition to any fan’s collection.

With their second series of blind-boxed Good Luck Trolls just hitting stores, Dark Horse is already unveiling their third series.  While wave 2 introduced some new color combinations and the addition of a jewel on the trolls’ bellies, the third wave will also change up the shape of the jewel as well.  I have to tell you, I absolutely love these things. Good Luck Trolls are one of those toys that, if you are old enough to remember, just conjure so much nostalgia – and Dark Horse nailed it with the license.  The blind packaging is an excellent way to market them to collectors and the price point makes you want to pick up a bunch. 

Domo has also been a consistently fun property for Dark Horse collectibles.  Going into its fifth series on blind-boxed figures, the Domo franchise lends itself very well to crazy color schemes and textures because of its simplistic build.  There are books, mugs, magnet sets, blacklight-sensitive and flocked figures – you name it.  The coolest Domo items featured this year though, were the newly-revealed Christmas ornaments.  Whether you’re an avid Domo fan or not, these would look adorable on anyone’s tree. 

An incredible-looking statue of Forrest Auckerman was shown sitting in a fittingly dramatic throne and, while it will likely only be appreciated by a niche market, it looks outstanding.  The giant Reaper and Normandy statues from Mass Effect fame also looked damn impressive – so much so that I would love to own one despite its source material being one of the most disappointing games of all time.  Hellboy mini vinyl figures were also displayed in several colors and show off an adorable take on Mike Mignola’s great design.  Rounding out Dark Horse’s showing was a slew of products showcasing the art of Gary Baseman.  Even if you’re unfamiliar with his work, it will be immediately recognizable when you see it.  Dark Horse will be offering journals. Mugs, coasters, magnets, playing cards, pins, glassware, and even party lights featuring Baseman’s twisted creations.

Check out the gallery for a closer look at Dark Horse’s booth at Toy Fair 2013.

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