Toy Fair 2013: DC Collectibles Highlights New 52, Injustice & More

By bill - February 13, 2013

From statues to action figures, DC Collectibles had a lot to be excited about at their Toy Fair booth.  Check out all the cool new products coming in 2013.

DC Collectibles’ focus on high-end statues will continue in full force this year, with some stunning new stand alone and series-based pieces. One of the newest showstoppers was “The Kiss,” the statue based on the already-iconic JLA cover art as Superman and Wonder Woman share a kiss of heroic proportions.  Continuing the “Year of Superman,” a set of statues based on the Man of Steel film will also be released.  Arrow, DC’s other big media property this year, will also get a show-accurate statue of the emerald archer.

One of the most visually striking statue series out now is the Arkham City monochromatic collection. These great statues feature heroes and villains from the hit video game in black, white and one single, character-appropriate color.  The first figure, Harley Quinn in red, is already sold out, but she will be followed by a green-themed Joker in the Spring and a blue Nightwing in August.

The Batman Black & White series will continue in 2013 as well, making it both the longest running and largest statue series DC Collectibles has ever done, while other exciting new properties include the artist-specific Before Watchmen series (starting with a wonderful Amanda Connor Silk Spectre, then a Joe Lee style Ozymandias), Cover Girls (which will include Platinum, New 52 Supergirl, Death and Batwoman among its new recruits), and Bombshells, a fun series that re-imagines the women of the DC universe in a 50s pin-up/ bomber art style.

Fans of DC Collectibles’ toys don’t have to worry– there’s plenty of new articulated offerings coming as well.  The Injustice 3.75″ line will be launching soon, with new additions including Harley Quinn vs. Cyborg and Flash vs a mystery character.  While I still can’t stand the in-game designs, these figures do a fantastic job of translating the Midway visuals into three dimensions, and the level of detail on these guys, from the string on Green Arrow’s bow to the removable knives plunged in Solomon Grundy’s back, make for some nice looking figures. I was very pleased to hear the 3.75″ scale will extend past Injustice, with more Green Lanterns and other comic style figures in the works for 2013.  Even better news, the articulation and engineering has been re-evaluated starting with Injustice, making the figures both more poseable and much sturdier than the previous releases.

For 6″ collectors, the New 52 Justice League series will continue with a series of two-packs, including Katana with Wonder Woman and Vibe with Flash.  While these pairings may seem odd now, there’s a very specific editorial logic that will make sense by the time they hit this Summer.  Pandora will be available as a new Deluxe figure, packed in her box, while new additions to the basic line include villains like Black Adam, Captain Cold, Black Manta and The Joker (complete with severed face).  Each looks excellent, and will be available on their own or in a new “We Can Be Heroes” seven-pack, with a heroes vs. villains theme.  The set will include three heroes and three villains, with an exclusive Catwoman in the center.  Another Deluxe addition will be the incredible looking Swamp Thing, clocking in at more than 9″ tall, with fully articulated wings, plus a plant-like sword and shield.  This guy is a must have for any fan of the current (very good) comic series.

Rounding out the new offerings are a set of most of the Rainbow Lanterns, done as full scale replicas. Much like the previous Green Lantern, each new piece is perfectly detailed, including a ring with display base that lights up the lantern when inserted inside.  In addition to the Green Lantern, 2013 will see the release of a new Yellow, Orange, Blue and Red lantern… although how the Indigo staff works into the line is still up in the air.

The 2013 products for DC Collectibles were wonderfully diverse, and there’s really something for everyone coming this year from the toymakers. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next in many of their great lines, especially what’s coming next for the 3.75″ toy line!

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