Toy Fair 2013: Mezco Toyz Breaks Bad This Year

By jason - February 13, 2013


2013 is shaping up to be quite a year for Mezco Toyz.  With some strong new licenses secured, their showing at this year’s Toy Fair was a mix of cool original pieces and fresh takes on their classic formulas.

Right off the bat, the biggest surprise from Mezco came with the announcement of their line of Breaking Bad products, ranging from action figures and stylized pieces to plush dolls and accessories.  The six-inch action figures look fantastic and will offer Walter White in both the iconic yellow chemical hazmat suit, complete with beakers and a barrel, and dressed as his Heisenberg persona, packaged with a snubnosed revolver, duffel bag, and a little plastic baggie.  Both figures bear a striking resemblance to actor Bryan Cranston and are a must-have for fans of the show. In true Mezco fashion, they will also be producing Heisenberg 2” clip-on Mez-itz keychains and a bobblehead, again featuring Walter in the yellow suit.  In addition, plush versions of Walter and Jesse in hazmat gear will be available as 4” plush keychains while street clothed versions of Jesse and Heisenberg will be available as 8” plush dolls. Rounding out the collection are some neat money clips and “stash” boxes, all featuring photo stills and design work straight from the show.

I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the Breaking Bad items, or the unveiling of the Axe Cop line.  Presented as 3.75” figures, the initial wave of Axe Cop toys will feature Wexter, the aviator-wearing T-Rex with chainguns for arms, Uni-Avocado Soldier, Baby Man, Dr. Doo Doo (with a Doo Doo Soldier), and of course, Axe Cop himself.  The figures look like a lot of fun and perfectly capture the ridiculous-yet-endearing quality of the source material.  The awesome pose that Baby Man, a grizzled man in a large baby suit, is striking may make him my favorite piece of the bunch.  I also loved how Axe Cop, by himself, has a wide stance as if ready for action, which also enables him to be saddled onto Wexter’s back.  Both Wexter and Avocado Soldier were featured as adorable plush toys as well.  This line could be taking us by storm as early as July.

Cheetara will join the ranks of the other “Mega Deluxe” Scale classic Thundercats with a beautiful sculpt, which includes the welcome addition of ball-jointed hips.  Mezco will also be complimenting their awesome 6” Mars Attacks alien with both a 3.75” and massive 24” version.  The large scale martian is a terrific novelty and 3.75” version ensures that you can finally terrorize all your GI Joe figures.  Although they were displayed at last year’s Toy Fair, the trio of Universal Monsters return.  Frankenstein’s monster was released late 2012 and was one of my favorite toys of the year.  Now Mezco’s brilliantly stylized versions of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Mummy will be hitting shelves in June and October respectively.  These guys look unbelievably cool and I still love the way their articulation is perfectly camouflaged within the design itself. 

Chucky, the homicidal ginger doll, will be produced as creepy 15” doll as well as a fun 8” plush “Creepy Cuddler” (along with Jigsaw from the Saw films).  Living Dead Dolls will see their 25th and 26th series, each featuring five new designs that expectedly walk the line between precious and disturbing.  LDD: Scary Tales Vol. 5 features “Little Miss Muffet” and “Little Bo Creep” dolls – I especially love the sheep hat on Bo Creep.  But what I really dug from the LDD line were the new blind boxed figures.  With really cute, original designs and killer paint work, these 2” minis really stood out.  Rounding out the Living Dead Dolls collection is an awesome new Psycho set.  Painted and clothed in a black & white color palette, this tribute to the Hitchcock classic features a knife-wielding Norman Bates-inspired doll along with their version of a Marion Crane doll — each posed to reenact the famous shower scene.

New 52 Mez-itz are right around the corner as well, along with a few we haven’t seen before – most notably, a classic 1960’s-style Batmobile.  It’s always great to see original sculpted pieces for the Mez-Itz line and this one just looks fantastic.  Even the lovably quirky Domo figures are coming back for second wave this May.  Check out the photo gallery for a full run-down of this year’s products.  Mezco’s consistency and quality continues to impress with their excellent Toy Fair showing this year.

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