Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro GI Joe Report

By junior - February 9, 2013

This is going to be one amazing year for GI Joe collectors!  Check out all the details on what we can expect to see in 2013 from the Real American Hero!

2012 saw the delay of GI Joe Retaliation, but patient Joe fans are finally being rewarded– not only will the film finally hit theaters next month, but the new, vastly improved GI Joe toy line will continue!  In addition to the fantastic figures previously showcased at Joe Con last year, we’ll see more all-new figures from both the upcoming film, and new “ultimate” versions of classic Joes.

Here’s the new breakout of when we can expect the figures (bearing in mind this is now the third time we’ve seen the lineups shift, LOL!)

Wave 3:

  • Ultimate Duke
  • Ultimate Firefly
  • Cobra Combat Ninja
  • Crimson Guard
  • Ultimate Snake Eyes
    Ultimate Roadblock
  • Ultimate Flint
  • Budo
  • Ultimate Storm Shadow (Sunbow style, based on the 30th Anniversary Vault figure)
  • Ultimate Cobra Commander (with both hooded and masked heads)
  • Data Viper
  • Kwinn!

Wave 4 will include figures that were hard to find in the first round of Retaliation figures, as well as Kim Arashikage.  They will keep an eye on what figures sell well to make this mix as strong as possible.

New vehicles include the Night Landing Raft with Cobra Eel, and the new Tomahawk– now dubbed the Eaglehawk (due to trademark concerns).  The helicopter will include Lift Ticket, and has been reworked to include an extra row of seats, a new winch, fold-in rotors for display space.  The awesome new vehicle will hit stores this Fall.

Stay tuned for more news all week long from Toy Fair, and check back soon for photos from the Hasbro Show Room Floor!

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