Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro Transformers Report

By junior - February 9, 2013

It looks like 2013 is the new number of the Beast… or, at least the Beast Hunters!  Check out all the details on Hasbro’s plans for Transformers this year.

Beast Hunters is the theme of the new season of Transformers Prime, including all toy line representations. The new theme will introduce a new villain, the robot dragon Predaking, and the official launch date for the new line is February 11th.

IDW is releasing the comic book series, with three variant covers of issue #1. The new season of the animated series will follow in the Spring.  As far as the new toys, here’s what fans can expect:

New Legion scale figures will include Soundwave, Blaster and Prowl, along with new Predacon Hun-Gurrr.

Also coming soon are the Commander scale Starscream with Tunder Talon and Shockwave.

New Deluxe class include Ratchet, Dreadwing and Predacon Skystalker.

Voyager Class Wave 2 is coming, with Shockwave (including detachable Beast Armor), Ultra Magnus and Grimwing with Blackbeak.

Beast Hunter Optimus Prime will include a sword and shield, complete with five spinning dragon cannons.

His new nemesis Predaking will be a Target exclusive, with a light-up “dragon breath” feature, and a massive 21″ wingspan.  The figure will also include a tail that transforms into his sword.

A new sub line is launching called Construct-O-Bots, action figures “evolved” from a LEGO Bionicle style framework.  These figures will include a mix-and-match style, with customizable parts swapping options.

The entry price point figures will include Ironhide and Starscream (both in G1 deco).  Elite figures will include Soundwave and Wheeljack, while the Triple Changers class will feature Bumblebee and Blitzwing.

The Ultimates are the top class, and will include Optimus Prime and Megatron.  All figures will include reusable storage containers complete with red and purple storage trays and a full color construction book.

The Generations line will continue, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Trasnformers in 2014.  They have partnered with IDW  for a new story to celebrate, and variant comic pack-ins with Deluxe Class figures.  A new Bumblebee was revealed, along with the rest of Wave 3– a plane version of Megatron, Trailcutter and Orion Pax.

Generations Legends Class include Optimus Prime and Rollbar, Bumblebee and minibot Blaster.  Voyager Class will include Triple Changers of Blitzwing and Springer.

New Platinum Edition figures include Ultra Magnus and a two-pack featuring Grimlock (complete with vac-metallized parts) vs. Bruticus.  And the Masterpiece Series will include two new figures– Acid Storm and Soundwave, who will include all five cassettes.

The BIG news (literally) is the new Titan Scale– this new class will see the release of the massive Megaplex, with both city and vehicle modes!  This massive 24″ tall set will be in scale with Legends Class Transformers, and will include an exclusive Scamper figure.  It will retail for around $125, available this Fall.

Stay tuned for more news all week long from Toy Fair, and check back soon for photos from the Hasbro Show Room Floor!

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