Toy Fair 2013: Lego Builds The Excitement For 2013

By kastor417 - February 14, 2013

The world of Lego continues to grow from Chima, to DC and Marvel, and even some cowboys. Check out our full report inside.

This year was like every other a ton of multicolored bricks creating a whole world of imagination at the Lego booth.

By far the biggest showing this year was Lego Chima, replacing Ninjago as the line that not only builds but adds a gaming aspect to the sets. Chima combines the racers idea with the world of animals, it could be nicknamed the Thundercats of the Lego world. There are quiet a few sets already at retail, but it looks like there will be more animal factions coming this year. Adding to the Crocs, Lions, Wolves, and Birds are the Gorillas, Skunks, and Foxes. They add a whole new crop of factions to this fantasy world, but only the Gorillas will get their own large building set, while the Skunks and Foxes only get the racers, at least for now.

Also shown were items from the upcoming Lone Ranger Movie. Many western fans are wary about the film but the sets look like a lot of fun. There have not been many western themed sets at retail for the past few years, so this will fill that void. There are not only the standard western type of sets like Saloon and Train, but also a Tee-pee set adding to the the western world of Lego. Even if the movie is a flop, these will be fun sets to build and keep.

Also shown were the upcoming Marvel and DC sets. Some already released but there are some fun additions to the world of Lego Superheroes. Some of the Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel set had minor movie spoilers but the details of how the scenes portrayed in block form tie into the movies is still unknown.

**Pictures were not allowed of the comic sets, but we will have images from Lego soon

Iron Man 3:

Iron-Man vs. Mandarin Ultimate Showdown

  • Mandarin
  • Iron Man Mark 42

Extremis Sea Port Battle:

  • Iron Man Mk 42
  • War Machine
  • Eldrich Killian

Malibu Mansion Attack:

  • Tony Star
  • Pepper Potts
  • Mandarin
  • Iron Man Mk 42
  • Extremis Soldier


Man of Steel:

Metropolis Showdown:

  • Superman
  • General Zod

Black Zero Escape:

  • Superman
  • Zod in armor
  • Lois Lane

Battle of Smallville:

  • Superman
  • Zod
  • Tor-An
  • Feora
  • Col. Hardy

Fans will also see the Hobbit/LotR continue this year with some fun scenes from the movie put into Lego form. Also the Star Wars universe will grow with even more sets from Return of the Jedi, although the rumored Ewok village was not shown at the show.

There were also some fun new City sets as well as the return of Lego Castles, and additions to the Collectible min-figure line with waves 10 and 11.

Overall it was a good showing of new product from Lego, giving fans lots of new things to build in 2013.

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