Toy Fair 2013: The Mega Bloks Wrap Up

By kastor417 - February 14, 2013

This year Mega Bloks had a good showing of products that will draw in not only the kids but adult collectors.

For a lot of collectors space is an issue, and Mega Bloks offers fans a great way to collect all their favorite Halo, Warcraft, and Power Rangers in smaller scale, but just as much detail.

The Halo and Warcraft lines will continue giving fans lots of new characters and sizes to recreate their favorite battles from the popular video games. Both properties will give fans the chance to build their favorite vehicles and environments from the games in a detailed but compact size. Halo has a few vehicle builds, which add both light and sound to the mix. While electronic parts are specific to the vehicles they do offer some creative building options if fans want to change the designs of the builds. There are also quite a few new beasts for Warcraft fans to add to there figure selection from the newest panda theme.

There were also some new Power Rangers, which coincide with the figures Bandai is putting out this year. They will continue the blind bags of figures as well as larger scale builds to create your favorite Power Ranger characters.

The final property shown was Skylanders.  Fans will see the Giants theme continues this year, but they are working with Activision to move on to the next theme Swap Force.

A few of the larger scale sets allow multiple builds for the sets, giving fans a choice how they want to assemble the sets. There is also new territory for mega Bloks in the Skylanders license, role play items. The new weapons will include electronic features and will debut later this year.

Over all a good showing from the Mega Bloks team for 2013. The lines will give some adult collectors some great small scale builds to add to their collection.

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