Toy Fair 2013: Playmates’ TMNT Looks Better Than Ever

By bill - February 13, 2013

For the second year in a row, Playmates hosted a TMNT-themed press event at Toy Fair, highlighting all the awesome Turtles toys coming in 2013. Check out the full coverage, plus photos right here!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was rebooted in a big way last year, and between the new toy line flying off shelves and the Nickelodeon cartoon a certified hit, the future has never been brighter for these heroes on the half shell.

Playmates is staying aggressive with their TMNT toy line plans, offering over 31 figures in the line by the end of this year! Upcoming figures in the basic line include Baxter Stockman, Leatherhead and Snakeweed, followed by Rat King, Cockroach Terminator, Spider-Bite and the new Stealth Tech Turtles in June. Another lineup will hit in the Fall, including an amazing Mouser 7-pack, a new unmasked Shredder (who seems much more show-accurate, including height) and a pair of “Ninjas in Training” two-packs of the Turtles as mutant kids.

The eyes of the basic Turtles will stay solid white– a departure from the pupils seen in the popular cartoon.  This is to help prevent QC issues, such as wonky, wall eyed or crossed eyes.

This Summer will see the second wave of the massively popular TMNT Classics, as the mutant thugs Bebop and Rocksteady make their way to the lineup, in new assortments also bringing back all four brothers. Bebop and Rocksteady look amazing, scaled at roughly the same height as the Turtles (6″), with designs and paint decos inspired by the classic animated series. Each will feature 34 points of articulation, on a retro blister card just like Wave One. Oddly, the only thing missing from this pair was Bebop’s pony tail, but aside from this omission, they looked pretty perfect. I’m curious if we’ll see variants using the original toy colorations, instead of the TV looks?  In any event, all six Classics will be back at retail this year, and at present there are no plans for 4″ Classics Turtles, only the 6″ sized ones… hopefully if human characters like Shredder or a Foot Ninja make it to this line, they can be scaled appropriately at about 7 to 8″.

The 2013 TMNT line will also feature many vehicles and large-scale accessories, many of which play to the new Mutagen Ooze, a gross bluish grey update of the classic slime, which can launch or drop from many of the vehicles (and even slide through the pipelines of last year’s amazing Sewer Lair playset!).  New vehicles for the Fall include a funky alien Hover Drone and an AT3 bike with an exclusive Leonardo.  A new Ninja Control Shell Raiser is also planned, offering a new look for the vehicle, along with a new RC control with full steering.

The previously mentioned (still amazing) Sewer Lair, a Toys R Us exclusive in 2012, will be back for the new year, now available at all retailers!  Additional smaller-scale playsets are also now available, in the very clever Pop-Up Pizza Playset series. These collapsible playsets offer an interactive diorama for the 4″ scale Turtles figures, with various play features built in an character appropriate designs… however the coolest feature on these is the fold-up feature– each set collapses into a rectangular pizza box shape for easy storage.  The first Pop-Up set, Anchovy Alley, is out this Spring, and Shredder Supreme– the headquarters of the villainous Foot leader– will follow in the Fall.

With all of these great figures, vehicles playsets and even a new wave of deluxe masks and kid-size play accessories, 2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Turtles fans!

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