Toy Fair 2013: Square Enix/Play Arts’ Impressive Display

By jason - February 16, 2013

Expectedly, Square Enix/Play Arts Kai had a strong showing at Toy Fair 2013, delving into familiar territory while consistently offering some of the most detailed and beautifully designed figures on the market.

We were first led to a display case filled with upcoming pieces based on DC Comics characters, predominantly from the Batman universe.  Based on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Square will be rolling out a hulking Bane figure and the obligatory Batman figure modeled after the distinctive look of Christian Bale’s profile in the suit.  These are due out in March while a stunning figure of Heath Ledger’s Joker as well as Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman should be out for June.  All four carry a price tag of $64.99.  Square Enix will be expanding their slightly smaller-scaled Arkham Asylum line with new Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy figures based on their appearance in the hit game, Arkham City.  While she was posed with the vine tendrils sticking straight out, they are actually wire-framed and can be bent and shaped.  Also price below $65, you’ll see these beauties popping up in July.  The biggest surprise for their DC-based figures, however, came with the unveiling of cool, over-the-top variants of our favorite heroes.  Presented with almost a flair of anime-inspired stylization, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern look interesting to say the least.  It’s a shame the prototypes of Flash and Batgirl weren’t yet painted as they sported some of the best looks of the bunch. 

Further expanding their own Final Fantasy property, Square Enix/PAK will be producing Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi, and Rufus action figures, who all benefit from amazing-looking sculpts, as well as a new wave of minis featuring Yuffie, Cloud Strife, and Tifa Lockhart.  The minis are always fun to check out and offer fans the quality designs that Square is known for on a smaller scale and at a more affordable price point.  This summer, fans will also want to get their hands on a handful of new Kingdom Hearts figures.  Their standard Sora looks fantastic but does not yet have a solid release date, but the Tron: Legacy-themed Sora and Riku will be out by May.  In addition, there are a bunch of boss minis that capture the feel of the game and are an easy purchase for anyone who loves the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Square is putting the Tekken license to good use is producing killer-looking figures for Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama.  Kazuya looks especially amazing, as if he stepped right out of the game – complete with his glowing eye, countless scars, and his signature pants with the flaming embroidery.  While we’re on fighting game franchises, Street Fighter will also get new Ibuki and Guile figures, who both look poised and ready for action.  These should be out around May and will cost $69.99 while a new Ken and Sakura will be announced soon.

On a slightly higher price point, Tom “Preacher” from Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be available in June for $79.99. He’s a great-looking figure but I hope he is packaged with tons of accessories that can help justify the added cost. Also in June, for the same price point, is a figure based on Isaac Clarke as he appears in Dead Space 3.  I will gladly throw down eighty bucks for this as it looks astounding.  Complete with his arctic engineering rig and array of weaponry, he will definitely be a fan-favorite.  Major Henry Varro from Starship Troopers: Invasion also looks mighty impressive and will retail for a whopping $89.99.  You’ll be seeing the Major in April while popular cult superhero ZET, from the Zetman manga and anime series, will be immortalized as an awesome figure come May. While he also retails for $89.99, fans of the series will be hard pressed to find a better looking iteration on the market.

Resident Evil 6 was represented with early builds of Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper but, while they look great, the big draw for me was the prototype of Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.  He’s been a long-time coming and will look great next to the rest of the figures from that series.  In fact, they should role out all the villains from that game, every one of which was so iconic and interesting – I’d love to see what Square Enix/PAK would do with an enormous Vulcan Raven or sultry Sniper Wolf.  In any case, Liquid Snake is shaping up to be awesome, as is the newly revealed Raiden figure from the newest game in the Metal Gear series, Revengeace.  Due out in April and price at only $69.99, Raiden seems like a steal.  He’s a huge figure and loaded with tons of swappable features.

Each of SE/PAK’s creations is loaded with articulation and painstakingly designed to provide nearly limitless ways in which to pose them – that’s nothing new.  But what was surprising is that many of the newly released figures will include the awesome stand they manufacture as well.  I usually held off on my Square Enix purchases until a comic con rolled around as they would typically include stands with your figures, so this is great news.  The only drawback of putting your figure in crazy poses is the fact that gravity quickly has its way with them, but Square’s awesome stands are a great accessory that helps display the figure in any stance without looking like an eyesore.  Yet again, another great showing for Square Enix/ Play Arts Kai – take a look though the gallery the check out what they have in store.

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