Toy Fair 2014: Bif Bang Pow!

By bill - February 17, 2014

bif-bang-pow-featBif Bang Pow’s Toy Fair display once again proves they are among the royalty of pop culture collectibles.

I always love to check out Bif Bang Pow! at Toy Fair.  Not only do they get very cool retro and current licenses, but they consistently offer a wide variety of great items for each, from toys to glassware and everything else we could need in our geeky lives.  2014 was no different, and there’s lots of great stuff in their new lineup.

Big Bang Theory is one of the major focuses for this year, with more Mego style 8″ figures on the way, along with a co-branded set of MiniMates (including the couch!), and a line of 3.75″ figures including the 7 core characters of the CBS sitcom, some shirt variants for Sheldon, and a cool fold-out environment packaging, to display your favorite TV geek in the apartment room of your choice.

Twilight Zone will also continue, with the release of a final set of 8″ figures, before the series switches gears to deliver some very impressive 3.75″ retro action figures.  The black and white figures sport about 5 points of articulation and will see the release of Twilight Zone staples such as the Kanamit and the Invader.  The property will also get new bobbleheads, as will Star Trek. After completing the Bridge with the Next Generation crew, Bif Bang Pow will change their attention to the Original Series movies, and they’re starting with the best crew possible– the Wrath of Khan series.  The Trek captains will get their own sub-line of smaller Monitor Mates bobbles, and the Enterprise itself will get several bobbles, including the first ever wooden Enterprise.  In case you haven’t noticed, Bif Bang Pow! has also been releasing a fantastic line of Star Trek shot glasses– each one painted with a scene inspired by a single episode of the Original Series.  2014 will see the final glasses in the set, and the full display of all 80 pieces looked amazing together.

In addition to new 8″ figure releases from Six Million Dollar Man (astronaut Steve and Barney Hiller), Battlestar Galactica (Athena and Lucifer) and Dexter, new properties include a pair of figures based on the heroes of Showtime’s upcoming Penny Dreadful.  The line will launch with the two protagonists, Vanessa and Ethan later this year.  We will also see 8″ retro figures based on Mike Tyson (from Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson Mysteries) and Prock (from Seth Meyer’s The Awesomes).

My personal favorite The Venture Bros will see the release of six new retro figures this July, finally delivering Shore Leave, Pete White, Jefferson Twilight and the Alchemist, along with Sgt Hatred and HELPeR.  A new repaint of the 3.75″ Brock Samson will sport an awesome vintage GI Joe style card back, and he will be available in both a standard and Comic Con exclusive deco, to be announced soon.

Rounding out BBP’s plans for the year are another great new license, Saturday Night Live.  Rather than try to just release action figures, Bif Bang Pow! is doing a little bit of everything with the line, and it’s both smart and ambitious.  We will see 8″ dolls of the Ambiguously Gay Duo, along with glassware and mugs, life-size jackets and a variety of Dick-In-A-Box collectibles, ranging from salt and pepper shakers to– yes– an actual Dick-In-A-Box box (with instruction sheet).

Between their creative variety of products and the wide variety of their properties, Bif Bang Pow! has pop culture collectibles coming soon for everyone. And if you want to get started on your shopping any of the links above will take you to Entertainment Earth to get your orders in before they are gone.

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