Toy Fair 2014: DC Collectibles

By kastor417 - February 22, 2014

Toy Fair 14 DC Collectibles Kastor's KornerDC Collectibles had a small booth to show of their products for the upcoming year, but it was one of the most impressive at Toy Fair 2014. Check out some of the stuff they have inshore for collectors inside.

The booth was shared with Diamond Select, and it seemed small this year, but boy was I wrong. What they may have lacked in physical space, they made up for with quality and selection.

DC Collectibles have really stepped up their game in the last few years, and as Mattel collectible DC offerings have started to die off DC Collectibles have really stepped up to be the brand to beat. The products for 2014 range from statues, to figures, to new types of collectibles for fans of the DC world.

The Black and White Batman statues will continue this year with a mix of both the main hero and some of his villains. In the same scale the other two members of the DC trinity also get their own statues. The Superman line will continue, and the Wonder Woman warrior line will bring fans of the Amazonian warrior some great small scale statues. These pieces are limited, but offer fans great designs at a lower price point and size.

The larger scale bomb shells and Women of the DC Universe will also keep going in 2014. They will start to go deeper into the world of DC with characters that may not be A list, but still are stunningly designed. They are also introducing a new line of female deigns on motorcycles. The first will be Catwoman with a ton of little details all over the statue, from her cat ear helmet, to the chains on the bike and stand, to the little kitten on the base. Hopefully these will continue and we could see a Harley on a Jokered out Harley. in addition to these highly detailed statures they also have a man-cave line of collectibles. They range from poker sets with amazing art work, to dart boards, to chess sets.

DC is also branching out from the typical action figure this year. They started with the Scribblenauts, and are moving into push and wooden figures. The new wooden figures, Batman and Superman are the first two, are made to be taken apart and reassembled. Each be made from a standard body and will come with alternate heads to mix and match. Personally I want to put a Superman head on a Batman body to recreate the look from one of the New Adventures Batman cartoons. They are also looking into the plush market, and the first will be Deadman. The the fluffy Deadman is based on his DC shorts on Cartoon Network, and is just too cute. The Scribblenauts will continue and they are always adding little things, like Deadman actually glows in the dark, something even I missed when I reviewed the figure. Little Gotham will also have four figures this year based on the comic series. The figures will give DC an idea if fans want to see more, and if the first four do well they will continue the line.

Now on to the action figures, and boy are there a lot of them. One of the things that impressed me the most with DC Collectibles was constancy and quality, and that is a big part of their lines these days. The New 52 DC animated universe will get the figure treatment in 2014 with figures based on Justice League War and the Son of the Bat films. All the figure will be in scale with each other, and continue as the movies come out. Arrow also will get the figure treatment this year with the Oliver and Island Deathstroke figures, if the two pack does well, we could see more of the Arrow world. The Arkham lines will continue as well, and for those of you worried about the durability of the large figures like Croc, they know of the issues and have fixed them. There will also be figures based on the art of Greg Capullo from the Court of Owls story line and the New 52 comic line will continue this year.

The biggest figure news of course to come out of Toy Fair was the reveal of the Batman Animated line. The first two figures were on display TAS Catwoman and New Adventures Batman with two more to be included in the first wave, New Adventures Freeze and Two-Face. Fans may have noticed that the cape on the Batman figure hindered the articulation, but that is something they are trying to figure out to get the fans the best figures with the best quality. The figure will come with a lot of accessories based on the show, and all the figures will be in scale with each other, something other lines have struggled to do over the years. They are looking at the original designs, and making sure each figure is as accurate as possible. The trend of three from one series and one from another is going to continue, with wave two having three from TAS and one from the New Adventures. When I put in my own request for a TAS riddler over a New Adventures one, I was told who is to say we can’t do both, so fans wondering if we will only get one version of a character should not worry. The line will start with the Batman world, but if successful the whole Timm inspired DC animated universe is possible.

Overall this was my favorite walk through of the show, with some of the best products coming out this year. With three Nightwing figures this year, the new Animated lines, and Arkham continuing I know DC Collectibles will be getting the most of my paychecks in 2014.

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