Toy Fair 2014: DC, WWE & More

By bill - February 21, 2014

Toy Fair 14 Super Powers Kastor's KornerMattel’s collector preview event had lots more on display than just Masters of the Universe.  Check out what they had to show for DC, WWE. Hot Wheels and many more of their biggest toy lines.

The long-running DC Universe Classics collection may be retiring after this year, but Mattel still has lots of DC action going on in 2014.  From some great new Imaginext releases, to the DC Multiverse– including the first ever Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton figures in 3.75″ scale– this will be a diverse and exciting year for DC toy collectors.

DC Total Heroes, the new 6″ Mattel property featuring an all new figure design and a focus on the core heroes and villains of the DC Universe, was one of the biggest showings at Toy Fair.  The launch wave of these figures is available now, but the line will expand dramatically, with the release of deluxe figures– complete with alternate heads and loads of accessories– as exclusives, and more basic figures at retail.  The stylized look may not be for everyone, but Mattel is evolving this series quickly, and some of the new figures on display, such as Wonder Woman and the armored Lex Luthor, were incredibly cool looking toys.

The other big news for DC fans was Mattel’s reveal of the parting gift for DC Universe Classics fans… a Matty Collector exclusive Super Powers series.  These six figures– each on an oversized Kenner-style cardback– will round out the Super Powers collection, and each includes a Collect N Connect part to assemble a newly redecoed Super Power Kalibak.  The other figures in this wave include: light blue Superman, light colors Wonder Woman, blue and grey Batman, gold suit Superman, Green Lantern as The Riddler (based on the Super Amigos figure from Mexico), and Mr. Mxyzptlk, and in-scale non-articulated figure originally planned for release a few years ago.

The figures looked really cool, and I loved the meta gags like Super Amigos Riddler.  I do wish we could see an Orion with new helmet in the place of gold Superman, but overall this is feels like a nice way to close the books on this chapter of DC action figures.  The wave will be released this Fall at $30 a pop on Matty Collector’s website.

Mattel’s event also featured new releases from WWE– as both the basic and Elite collections continue– as well as Monster High and Hot Wheels, which will feature pop culture properties in their larger scale vehicle line, such as the DeLorean from Back to the Future, Knight Rider and a few Batmobiles.

Check out all the photos from Mattel’s showcase below… and Click Here and Here to read Junior’s recap of 2014’s Masters of the Universe plans.

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