Toy Fair 2014: Factory Entertainment

By bill - February 17, 2014

factory-entertainment-featFactory Entertainment had lots of great merch from Archer, Game of Thrones and more at Toy Fair.  Here’s the whole rundown of their showcase.

Factory Entertainment first caught my attention when they landed the license for Archer, as the FX comedy is one of the best shows on TV.  Last year saw the release of some merch, including the totally rad Pam Dolphin Puppet, and 2014 will have even more great collectibles.  The first wave of 6″ scale action figures look fantastic, and will include Archer, Pam Poovey and Dr. Krieger.  The sculpts did a great job of translating these characters into three dimension, and each includes lots of great accessories, alternate hands and more.  Factory Entertainment is planning the figures for a Fall release, but they are also hoping to have a Comic Con exclusive to whet fans’ appetite in the meantime.

Aside from the figures, Archer products include talking Shakems (their unique style of bobble figures) of Archer and Lana, each with ten show-accurate phrases, a talking bottle opener, ISIS ID badges, a Baboo plush and a Pam Dolphin oven mitt.

Factory’s plush line from Game of Thrones will also continue, with more House throw pillows, Direwolf puppies and a plush Three-Eyed Crow, as well as a prop replica of Joffrey’s crown.  The toymakers also had a lot of success with the Beatles, and will release more items including die cast cars and cartoon style figures of the Fab Four.

Other great Shakems coming this year include the Black Knight and Lumberjack from Monty Python, each of which will also talk.

The other cool new line Factory is launching in 2014 are the Write Em’s, which are two packs of figural pens.  Factory landed lots of great licenses for this collection, including DC Comics, Adventure Time, Regular Show, TMNT, Sonic and Mega-Man.  The blocky look of the figures were very well done, and each will feature a removable colored pencil tip, which can be swapped out for a different color.

As an Archer fan, I was totally stoked to see so many cool items on the horizon, and Factory Entertainment kept all their releases well within the same sense of humor as the show.  I was equally impressed by the rest of Factory’s offerings; with so many cool products and great properties, I think they will have a truly noteworthy 2014.

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