Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro’s My Little Pony

By junior - February 19, 2014

MLP-featHasbro is continuing their massively successful Equestria Girls spinoff with their new feature “Rainbow Rocks.” Check out the latest upcoming releases from Toy Fair!

The Equestria Girls will be using the power of music to restore harmony at Camolet High. Many dolls and ponies are coming, including new Equestria Girls, as well as the main cast in all new shimmery outfits, hair and musical instruments.

Action features have been added to some of the dolls, such as singing and lines from the movie when the dolls high-five each other. Look for all the fun, color, style, and sound coming to your my little pony aisle in 2014.

See the picture gallery below for all the highlights!

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