Toy Fair 2014: I Heart Guts

By jason - February 26, 2014

I Heart Guts

Any time I Heart Guts sets up for a showing, they’re bound to garner lots of attention (largely for the same reason they won a “best of” Toy Fair award from Popular Science Magazine this year) – they make some of the most amazing, adorable, unique plush items on the market.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out their booth at any of the conventions they attend, on stop at their website will get you instantly acquainted with I Heart Guts’ fun, quirky aesthetic and wonderful sense of humor.  Founded by Wendy Bryan in 2005 the company has grown from offering a few t-shirt and plush designs to manufacturing scores of awesome viscera-themed items.  Their plush guts come in a variety of shapes and sizes but all share a couple common elements: a vivid, appealing color palette and a goofy, lovable smile.  The simple facial expression embroidered into these organs really brings them to life.  It’s honestly hard not to smile when you see a stuffed spleen looking that happy.  Luckily, I’ve found that they’re also high quality pieces which can stand up to a good many hugs from adults and children alike.  Their newest plush item, Skin, was on display at Toy Fair 2014 and, as usual, looked incredible.  Designed as a meaty cube with a layer of epidermis on top, it shares the signature facial elements of their line and even has a single hair follicle on top.  Check out the photo gallery for shots of this and all the plush guts they were showing off.

While I Heart Guts already has a great line of shirts with fun illustrations and catchphrases to complement their organ designs (I’m especially fond of “Smells Like Spleen Spirit” and the heart shirt that proclaims “I’ve Got the Beat!”) but they were also showing a new clothing items – socks!  The two pairs of socks on display: a vibrant blue set covered in red hearts and a colorful pair with a variety of organs displayed.  Other favorites such as their pins, buttons, keychains, and even temporary tattoos were being shown, as well as their clever “Spill Your Guts” journal.  Among them was another new item, though, a super-cool looking cigarette case labeled “Black Lung” and featuring a surly looking lung illustration on the front.  I don’t even smoke and want this thing – it would go quite well with my faux patent leather Black Heart plushie.  Tiny pill cases were also on display in three different designs and should be showing up for sale soon.  Check out their great showing in the gallery below.

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