Toy Fair 2014: Lego Preview Event

By kastor417 - February 21, 2014

Toy Fair 14 LEGO Star Wars Kastor's KornerThis year at Toy Fair LEGO showed off some azmaing new sets from Marvel and Star Wars, and even brought back the Agents line. Check out what LEGO had to offer inside.

LEGO is one of the most consistent toy lines on the market today. The cost has only risen slightly over the last few years, but there have not been any sacrifice in quality or selection, which is rare in the toy world. So let’s see what they have planned for kids and collectors in 2014.

Ultra Agents Line:

A few years ago LEGO took the fun of James Bond and mixed it with the LEGO brand to create the Agents line. They were fun builds mixed with action features and great villains, but after a short run the line was retired. In 2014 the line returns with the Ultra Agents line, taking the theme up a notch, but bringing back some of the classic minifigures. The line is full of color villains and great build features, and gives hope to the collectors who have gotten attached to some of the one of lines like Galaxy Squad or Monster Fighters. We asked the designers about some of the other short lived lines, and they said any of their lines can return with a fresh take.

LEGO the Movie:

The massive hit film is giving fans the perfect mix of original creations and classic figures. Most of the sets are already in stores but the summer sets are larger, and sure to be on the must have lists for kids and collectors. I know I will be first in line to get Benny’s spaceship, and having Batman and Johnny Thunder in the Super Secret Police Dropship makes it hard to resist.

Star Wars:

The juggernaut that is Star Wars continues in the LEGO brand. This year there are a few new sets based on the upcoming new Star Wars Rebels as well as some classics builds. The classics include an AT-AT, the Imperial Star Destroyer, and the Mos Eisley Cantina. What excites me the most about all of these sets is the price point, which is on par with other sets considering the piece count and the fact they are licensed sets. There will also be the standard advent set with a holiday Vader for Christmas 2014.


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