Toy Fair 2014: McFarlane Toys

By bill - February 18, 2014

mcfarlane-featMcFarlane Toys was at Toy Fair to show off their latest toys from The Walking Dead, Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids Invasion and more.  Find out what’s coming in 2014!

From video games to hit TV shows to the vulgarly adorable Rabbids, McFarlane Toys has some hot properties at the start of 2014.  Rabbids Invasion, which was a big hit on Nickelodeon when it premiered last August, is getting a very expansive toy line, featuring the strange and charming creatures in a variety of scales and formats such as minifigures, sound and action figure two-packs, plushes and Silly Swaps, which will feature Rabbids in various costumes with interchangeable parts.

For video game fans, McFarlane will continue with both Halo and Assassin’s Creed toys and collectibles this year.  On display were a brand new Halo 2 Master Chief, as well as a cloaked Master Chief to tease the next Halo journey, as seen in the E3 trailer.

Assassin’s Creed will continue with two new sets of figures– Connor with Mohawk, Aveline dr Grandpre and Adewale in September, followed by Mayan Edward, Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Firenze and a secret figure later this Fall.  The McFarlane license for Assassin’s Creed covers the entire game series, so expect to see a mix of old, new and BRAND NEW figures as the popular line continues.

The Walking Dead will also continue in several exciting formats, pulled from the hit AMC show as well as the Image comic.  The third wave of comic figures will feature a new, one handed Rick, Andrea, Punk Zombie and Negan’s former lieutenant Dwight.  The foursome will hit stores in August, and the display figures at McFarlane’s booth looked fantastic.  In addition to this set, McFarlane Toys will be teaming up for another exclusive for Skybound, which will likely hit prior to Comic Con this summer.

As for the TV style Walking Dead figures, Rick Grimes will follow last December’s instant sell-out Daryl Dixon 10″ figure.  Rick is slated to hit next Fall, and there is a strong chance Daryl will be reissued in the meantime, due to his massive popularity.  Also coming this fall, in conjunction with the fifth season of the show on AMC will be the sixth wave of 5″ figures, set to include the previously-reported Abraham Ford, Rick, Hershel Greene, Carol Peletier, Bungee Guts Zombie, and a newly announced Governor with his black trench coat.

The new Rick was the only figure shown at Toy Fair, but he featured a remarkable new sculpt, with an uncanny portrait of Andrew Lincoln.  While the prototype lacked articulation, the final figure should feature the same solid poseability as the recent waves of TV figures.  In addition to this main line, a new sub-line will be launched this spring to reissue variants of past figures with small tweaks to improve or change them up.  The first release will be a new Shane, a re-release of the Wave Two figure, with a new portrait of Jon Bernthal and a police hat.  It should be a nice way for newer fans to get their hands on sold out figures without having to pay huge secondary market prices.

I’m incredibly stoked to see so many cool branches on the Walking Dead tree this year, and all the new additions look incredible.  These are among the best McFarlane toys I have ever seen, and I can’t wait to see how the collection will grow next! And head to Amazon to get all the figures before they are gone.

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