Toy Fair 2014: Mezco Toyz

By bill - February 17, 2014

mezco-featMezco Toyz had some great surprises at their Toy Fair booth, sure to make Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy fans happy.

Mezco’s Toy Fair display still packed a few surprises after the press event two weeks ago, during which the toymakers debuted their new Sons of Anarchy collection.  The Jax and Clay figures– in both their biker gear and prison jumpsuits– looked great in person, and the final products will add some (limited) articulation to the nice sculpts.  Two new variants were also shown– Clay with a headband and Jax with sunglasses and a hat– and Mezco is currently working on finding a special way to release these figures.

In addition to the Walter Whites of the past, Mezco also debuted their Jesse Pinkman action figure.  Dressed in a matching yellow cook suit, Jesse looked fantastic, with a great portrait of Aaron Paul and a good sense of scale with the previously-released Walter.  It looks like the first Jesse will be yellow, but a mock up of his Vamanos Pest outfit was also shown as a likely future variant.  Jesse will be the next Breaking Bad figure release, with Saul Goodman on deck if sales of Jesse are strong enough to keep the line moving forward.

The eagerly-anticipated Axe Cop figures were also on display, with the first series shipping next week!  Following close behind will be the Wexter and Axe Cop two-pack in March, with series two to follow this summer.

Mezco has some great properties this year, and I like what they are doing with them.  I’m very happy to see Jesse Pinkman becoming a reality, and the new Sons figures seem like a great new line in the making.

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