Toy Fair 2015: Bandai’s Power Rangers & More

By junior - February 20, 2015

bandai-power-rangers-featBandai  of America’s Power Rangers Dino Charge is the latest series in the Power Rangers family to incorporate the dinosaur theme to their costumes, Zords, and weapons. Based on the Sentai series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, this marks the 22nd entry in the Power Rangers franchise.

Currently, five teenagers comprise the core group, with an additional 5 rangers to come if you follow the story. With the bad guys being alarmingly outnumbered, Bandai finally throws a bone to the fans and brings copious villain action figures to join the fray this time around. Dino Charge proves to be a very interesting year to be both a Power Rangers fan and action figure collector.

A new twist on the formula is harnessing the powers of Energems into the characters’ Dino Chargers. These Dino Chargers are multi-use. Inserting them into the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher unlocks unique lights and sounds, depending on the charger used. You can also use the Dino Charge Scanner App to “morph” into your favorite ranger and battle villains on your smartphone or tablet. This also carries over to the roleplay weapons, both regular and deluxe.

There are more items catering to fans young and old. Playing on the mix-and-match theme popularized in Hasbro’s Hero Mashers series, Bandai added their own line called Power Rangers Dino Charge Mixx N Morph. Be it the Power Rangers or their signature Zords, each addition contributes to an endless combination of part swapping  for play action that really let the child use his or her imagination. For the adult collector, the Legacy Series soldiers on with the White Tigerzord and Tommy’s Saba sword. Bandai debuted another Legacy Megazord in Black and gold. Lastly, fans finally get an accurate assortment of Power Rangers movie action figures, including first-time action figure villain Ivan Ooze with swappable hands! They are also in the nostalgic triangular boxes, much like the previous assortment of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers Dino Charge figures have the expected array of regular and deluxe figures, weapons, and Zords. Of particular note is the 5-inch action figure series. So far, the 5 main rangers are in stores now, with at least a sixth gold ranger on the way. The evil Fury figure and the army of Vivix fighters are also hitting shelves at one per case each, but not in all cases. Perhaps realizing that visually-interesting bad guys like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeal to children, Bandai is trying their hand again at an impressive assortment of monster action figures. Whether they are recurring or one-episode nemeses, one does wonder how well-distributed these figures will be. Bandai is already being conservative with Vivix, a known army-builder. Collectors and fans may need to snatch these up when they are released, and not think twice about it. I am sure Sentai fans worldwide will be chomping at the bit for some of these dynamic action figures. They should display nicely behind your S.H. Figuarts Kyoryuger display.

Bandai’s Power Rangers Dino Charge figures gives children more of what came before, but “if it isn’t broke”, as they say. This year is equally impressive. The gimmicks are fun, the roleplay items spark the imagination, and the Apps take the battle in a whole new and modern direction. From the presentation at Bandai’s Toy Fair booth, they really are embracing the love of the audience who grew up with the brand, now with more disposable income and children of their own. The kids’ toys are a lot of fun, and the Collector’s series have a level of detail that rivals their counterparts in Japan. The fine folks at Bandai America should be very proud of themselves.

Bandai had lots more in their Toy Fair exhibit as well.  There was a lot of new Banprestor merchandise from Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z… as well as a display for the current movie version of Godzilla, and an expanded line of the Sprukits figure models.

Disney’s Big Hero Six featured a few new items, as well, including a grey variant of Baymax.  Bandai’s display did not include any signs of Pac-Man or Ben 10 products, however… so the fate of those lines remains a mystery.

Check out more photos from Bandai’s huge Toy fair showcase below:

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