Toy Fair 2015: Bluefin

By junior - February 20, 2015

bluefin-featBluefin attended New York Toy Fair with their usual array of Bandai offerings. S.H. Figuarts and Figuarts Zero for Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball took center stage. Other sublines in the collection presented their latest pieces. Joining the figures are the latest in role play items, kitsch items and dolls, as well as Bluefin’s own Truforce figure and X Plus statues.

There is plenty of love being spread across the various properties in the superlative S.H. Figuarts style. It leaves fans wanting more given Bandai can only produce so much. Naruto’s Sasuke has seen release, looking fantastic both in and out of box. Mario rides into battle on the newest Yoshi prototype! When the daring Dino isn’t dining on enemies, he’s executing some egg explosions of his own! Alphamon and Imperialdramon Paladin mode are dynamic additions to the Digimon collection. Injustice Harley Qunn and Superman continue to tease us behind the display case. Star Wars Taishou Darth Vader and Ashigaru Storm Trooper are impressive, but the movie versions sadly remains an import-only affair.

Other tentpole properties that built the Bandai brand wasn’t left out either. Saint Seiya EX Leo Aiolia God Cloth continues to stun lucky attendees. Monsterarts shown off their newest Godzilla figures, leaving little doubt as to who makes the most definitive kaiju on the market today. One Piece continues their successful Zero line unabated, and the Gundam kits become increasingly detailed while complimentary to their previous entries.

Sailor Moon and DragonBall continue on their unstoppable trek on being the best action figure lines on the market today. Sailor Mini Moon, Tuxedo Mask,and Super Sailor Moon make their American debut. Sadly, the long -awaited Sailor Pluto couldn’t leave Neo-Crystal Tokyo to make the trip. On the DragonBall side. Vegitto is display with his Super Saiyan blonde locks, alongside the massive yet fantastically articulated Broly. These lines ones that should have been executed years ago, yet the time given to perfect the body types fans have come to embrace worldwide was truly worth the wait.

There were other items as well. Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick and Rod are standouts, along with the fully formed silver crystal. Pullip’s premium Sailor Moon dolls are now being carried by Bluefin as well. Their home-grown Truforce Mega Man X that debuted I October is back in the Big Apple, joined by the X Plus’s Rockman and DragonBall statues.

Bluefin spends their weekend luring in prospective buyers, but it should be an easy sell for them. It’s quite elementary when the quality of the items on display so effectively speak for themselves and there is such a hunger for definitive import toys. A big thanks to Bluefin for ushering in Japan’s finest pop culture imports to the thankful hands of the American audience.

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