Toy Fair 2015: Dark Horse

By bill - February 17, 2015

dark-horse-toy-fair-featFrom comic book statues to the latest Game of Thrones figures, Dark Horse had a great showing at Toy Fair.

Dark Horse has been focusing more and more on collectibles over the past few years, and 2015 will be one of the biggest yet from the legendary comic publishers.  Their Toy Fair display featured a wide variety of statues, fantasy and sci-fi themed collectibles, and a look at what’s coming in their popular Game of Thrones figure collection.

In addition to several pieces based on Legend of Zelda, and a cool stylized Judge Dredd statue, Dark Horse’s booth showed off the new Goon statue that looks absolutely incredible.  Any fan of Eric Powell’s blissfully bonkers comic book will want to own this statue, a full color reproduction of the extremely limited Kickstarter incentive for thew Goon film project.  I’m glad to see this piece reaching a wider audience now, and the colors definitely make the gorgeous sculpt pop.

Anyone familiar with Dark Horse’s Mass Effect ship miniatures will likely be happy to know 2015 will see the release of a series of Halo ships in the same scale.  And me, personally, I was quite taken by the Frank Frazetta Death Dealer collection, which will include a snow globe with a small sculpt of the iconic warrior inside, as well as a set of coasters and more.

The main feature in Dark Horse’s display, though, was their Game of Thrones collection, which included new statues including the recently revealed Daenerys with Drogon, as well as the all new Brienne of Tarth, just itching for her next battle.  Both pieces looked amazing, absolutely packed with detail and incredible likenesses of Emilia Clark and Gwendoline Christie.

Speaking of Brienne, the warrior woman will also be featured in Dark Horse’s figure collection this year.  That series will also expand to feature Tywin Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon, Littlefinger, and the first deluxe release, Hodor with Bran Stark.  The Game of Thrones figure line will continue past this assortment– it’s Dark Horse’s hope to include every character in the HBO series… and The Mountain is one character whose name came up quickly in conversation.

Take a look at Dark Horse’s Toy Fair display below!

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