Toy Fair 2015: DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series

By junior - February 20, 2015

DC Animated Toy Fair Kastor's KornerDC Collectible’s Batman: The Animated Series action figures was a runaway success at the end of 2014. What’s next?

From the line’s inception, DC Collectibles knew they needed to make an immediate impact. Every figure comes with copious accessories, extra hands, and a model sheet-inspired figure display stand. This became a learning opportunity for DC Collectibles, as the cries of substandard plastics and paint used on these intricate joints could not be ignored. They personally addressed the issues, shuffling the next few waves to give DC Collectibles the time they need to implement these improvements. They want this to be a long-term investment, and the effort is heartfelt and appreciated. Building on what they need to improve, the newest entries shown at Toy Fair may be the most dynamic yet!

The Batmobile was the marquis piece on the shelf. $100 gives you a 2-seater, scale-accurate vehicle. The interior has been faithfully reproduced, from the steering wheel to the seatbelts and control panel. It’s battery-operated, which work the front and rear lights, along with the turbo booster, making it ready for some serious night patrolling. According to the rep I spoke to, the plastic capes should be soft enough for Batman and Robin to sit in the Batmobile seamlessly, but I hope cloth capes are on the horizon.

DC Animated Toy Fair Kastor's Korner 25As for the figures themselves, each has their own size and shape that make them standouts in their own right. Wave 3’s Killer Croc came fully painted for the first time, and showed off all of his impressive joints. This will be a grappler that is well worth the money when he and Baby-Doll arrive together. Sadly, there was no in-person debut for TNBA Robin and the Creeper.

Wave four came with fully-painted prototypes as well. Batgirl looked thin and feminine in her yellow and black outfit. She is armed with a bat-grapple and batarang. The Penguin looked amazing, even without his prototype’s monocle. The teacup and closed umbrella from the photography came along, but we were treated to a new open umbrella accessory!  Not to be outdone, the Riddler brought his entire toy Wacko Toys display from Riddler’s Reform. It all feels very meta with Edward Nygma.

No sooner was wave 5 announced than we got to see the designs up close. Mad Hatter is my personal favorite, and the accessories (queen’s axe and control panel) are toyetic and fun. Nightwing was standing proud with his throwing star. At his feet lay the binoculars. Bane had to settle for his immense size and imposing presence. Scarecrow rounds out the assortment, and DC was quick to address the negative feedback on the face, noting the black parts of his mask are shadowed, hence the lack of black. I don’t quite understand it, but I guess I will have to start my customization skills. A model sheet illustrating this would help immensely.   A final two pack from the Mask of the Phantasm only had the titular character for show, and the ambiguity of the character was nicely left intact.

One can applaud DC Collectibles for the long-term commitment they are willing to have for a line that can print money if executed properly. Over 20 points of articulation, scale accurate vehicles, and copious accessories are the stuff of dreams. DC Collectibles is the company you want to keep an eye on. If this approach bleeds into their other properties, they will usher in the new gold standard in American action figures.

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