Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select

By jman - February 19, 2015

toy fair 2015 diamond selectDiamond Select once again showed off a vast array of Select figures, statues and Minimates across their growing assortment of licenses for 2015.  Starting off with…

New Black and White Clerks figures.  Set for summer release, the new figures include Jay and Randal, followed up by Silent Bob and Dante.  In scale with their Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back figures, the new assortment of Clerks figures will come with a cardboard back drop of the front and back of the all too famous video store.

Diamond’s Minimates line expands for 2015, as well, with new waves of Marvel figures based off Marvel Now! And Age of Ultron.  There’s also new Minimates assortments for Kevin Smith and the crüe from Comic Book Men, Nightmare Before Christmas and good ol’ Spongebob Squarepants.

Their Marvel Select line expands (and shrinks) for 2015 with the inclusion of Ant-Man.  Not to mention figures from Avengers 2:  Age of Ultron like Hulk and Black Widow.  Marvel’s comic book universe won’t be left behind, either, with new figures of Sabretooth and Carnage set for release this year, too.

Diamond has expanded into the DC Universe will new statues and banks based on the Bruce Timm animated series’ looks.  On display were statues of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

They also showed, but we couldn’t take pictures of, new figures based off of Fox’s show, Gotham.  On display were Penguin, Jim Gordon and Selina Kyle.  The figures are packaged with an interlocking display piece.  Get all three figures and you’ve got yourself a nice diorama of Gotham.

Nice touch, Diamond Select!

The highlight of the booth, though?  Hands down had to be their new Ghostbusters Select figures.  The first two figures of the line are Winston Zeddmore and Ray Stantz.  It’s not an exaggeration on my part when I tell you it might be a possibility that the folks at Diamond went back in time (when they were filming the original Ghostbusters), kidnapped Dan Aykroyd and shrank him down to size.

Ok…maybe that’s a bit absurd, but the likeness of this figure to Ray Stantz/Dan Aykroyd is spot on.  And definitely the highlight of Diamond’s offerings for 2015.

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