Toy Fair 2015: Funko

By bill - February 18, 2015

Funko-featFunko once again demands your attention in 2015.

I honestly didn’t think we’d see a bigger, more ambitious year than 2014 from Funko.  Last year, the makers of the wildly popular Pop! figures launched their first action figure lines, teaming up with Super7 for a wide variety of ReAction retro figures, as well as the hyper realistic 6″ Legacy Collection from properties such as Game of Thrones and Magic the Gathering.

But not only are all these lines continuing in 2015… Funko has also launched a new imprint called Vinyl Sugar, which will release a wide variety of hyper stylized vinyl figures, such as Vinyl Vixens (think Bratz for the super hero statue set), Dorbz (totally cute and content round replicas of iconic characters), and my personal favorite the Vinyl Idolz.

Based on the fantastic designs by A Large Evil Corporation, this set of roughly 9″ vinyl figures look amazing in three dimensions, and Funko’s line will offer a great mixture of figures we saw last summer from Evil Corp, along with some nice, brand new surprises.  They’re going weird and deep with the likes of Dodgeball and Young Frankenstein (which will be mine, this I vow)… and even their more mainstream geek properties– your Ghostbusters and Back to the Futures– look absolutely incredible.  I could not be more excited for this collection to launch, which should start in May with the release of the Back to the Future and Napoleon Dynamite figures.

On the Legacy front, we will see a full line of Firefly 6″ action figures which looked very cool, as well as a stunning Rocketeer action figure, complete with a swappable unmasked head.  This is a figure I’ve been dreaming of since 1990, and from the looks of the prototype on display, Funko really nailed it with this figure.

Legacy will also debut a line of figures based on the new video game Evolve, which looked cool enough from a design standpoint.  Sadly absent from the display were the third wave of Game of Thrones figures, which has been confirmed but not yet fully revealed.  I guess Funko is keeping those close to the vest for the time being.

I know the ReAction collection isn’t for everybody, but I love these damn things, and 2015 will be a year just as strong and diverse as their freshman assortment last year.  Once again Funko is running the gamut of pop culture with these figures… new lines for 2015 include Star Trek (classic), Big Trouble In Little China, The Boondock Saints, Taxi Driver, The Fifth Element, The Karate Kid, Scarface, Breaking Bad, Gremlins and Terminator 2.

Mixed in for good fun will be a line of ReAction figures based on Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, which hits theaters this summer.  These figures looked great, and the ReAction approach worked perfectly for the retro-future world we will witness on the big screen this summer.

But the big showstopper of the ReAction line, in my opinion, is the Jaws collection, featuring our three heroes– Brody, Hooper and Quint– plus Bruce the Shark, perfectly retro and in scale with his human hunters/ victims.  Not only were these sculpts some of the best I’ve seen from Super7 and Funko, but there is no topping Bruce in terms of sheer coolness- he’s big and mean and totally badass.

ReAction wound up being one of the most fun toy lines to collect in the past year, and I’m glad the new entries get it in the same way those first figures did.  While I do wish the figure’s proportions had been tweaked a but and the likenesses just a little more on point, but regardless, these remain some of the most addictive collectibles I’ve come across lately, and I’m glad to see Funko not shying away from their ambitious scope with this line.

Below you’ll see tons of photos from the truly massive Funko booth at Toy Fair.  From what I can gather, Funko is all about going big or going home… and I don’t see them packing up anytime soon!

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