Toy Fair 2015: Hasbro – Jurassic World

By bill - February 17, 2015

hasbro-jurassic-world-featHasbro welcomes us back to the park with their new Jurassic World collection.

Jurassic World is primed to be one of the summer’s biggest releases, and Hasbro will be offering a full toy line to support the fourth film in the franchise, ranging from highly detailed dinosaur action figures, to kid-friendly pre-school toys and more.

It’s probably not a huge surprise that the dinosaurs are the stars of Hasbro’s new toy line, which has relegated its human figures to 2.5″ figurines not unlike the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers Age of Ultron mini figures.  This actually works in the case of Jurassic World, lending the dino figures a great sense of scale with the humans.  And they look pretty cool!

The dinosaurs in the main action figure line come in three classes– basic figures, electronic light and sound figures, and two deluxe beasts– the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the new, made up dinosaur making her debut this summer, Indominus Rex.

I really dig the look of Indominus, with her striking white and grey skin tone, alligator-like lipless teeth and back plates, and piercing red eyes.  Indominus is slightly larger than the T. Rex, and her action figure features a jaw that opens to 90 degrees, as well as a light-up feature that changes her skin color, mimicking the genetically engineered monster’s camouflage ability.

Not to be outdone, the T. Rex is another massive new dinosaur, with stomping sound effects that trigger when its feet touch the ground.  The tyrant king also features chomping jaws, and from the looks of both these beasts, there is going to be quite the throwdown coming to Jurassic World on the big screen.

The smaller dinosaurs include our new team of four hero Raptors– Echo, Delta, Charlie and Blue– though sadly Chris Pratt’s Owen and his Raptor-riding motorcycle are nowhere to be found in this scale.  Hasbro’s team did manage to have some fun with the genetically engineering concept behind this movie, creating their own dino hybrid called the Tri-Stegosaurus.  This dinosaur is one half Triceratops and half Stegosaurus, making for a very distinct creature that won’t appear on the big screen, but will still surface in the toy aisle this summer.

Jurassic World will also be supported by a pre-school like of simpler dinosaurs, a line of Mashers figures that play with the genetic engineering angle of the movie, and some play action toys which are totally cool.  The wearable Raptor claws are pretty neat, but the puppet-like T. Rex and Raptor jaws were amazingly fun to play with.  Apparently, the average amount of time it takes for someone to put one of these on before they make it bite something is 8 seconds.  It took me way less time than that.

Check out Hasbro’s Jurassic World showcase below:

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