Toy Fair 2015: Hasbro – Transformers

By kastor417 - February 18, 2015

Transformers Toy Fair Kastor's KornerThere was a lot of amazing toys in the the show room at Hasbro this year, but Transformers stole the show with one of the biggest figures to date.

For fans of G1 the last decade has been difficult, with the decline of classic figures. There were smaller versions, out of scale versions, alternate storyline versions, and store exclusive versions of characters that never really hit the mark for fans. But Toy Fair left G1 collectors with three amazing versions of classic characters– Ultra Magnus, Cyclonis, and Devastator.

Before we talk about the show stealers, there were a lot of other Transformers on display at the show. Kre-o is continuing bringing more battles to building blocks world. Mashers will also continue, and with even more of them from Star Wars and Jurassic World, the options are endless. One of the main focuses of the brand is to build a younger audience, so we will see figures geared toward the younger crowd. The Rescue Bots from Playskool will bring in the smallest fans, and the simple transformation figures will build on the fanbase.

The newest line debuted at NYCC and show in more detail this weekend was the Combiner Wars. The line brings back the idea from the 80’s with updated designs and characters. The big guys will dominate the collection for 2015, but with a twist. Instead of only being able to build one giant parts can be swapped, giving fans the chance to create multiple characters with a simple switch of the main bot holding it all together.  In addition to the builders another idea is being resurrected from the past, the Bots with little minions. As Soundwave and Blaster as in inspiration, minibots will return. They attach to the figures altering looks and weapons.

The show stealers though where the big names from G1. Cyclonis will join Prime and Megatron in the Combiner Wars figures as a body figure. It was not revealed who he create, but the colors could give us an improved Galvatron.

Devastator, mini in the past, is now the correct size, eclipsing his G1 version. The figures that make up the big guy are equally impressive. Instead of chasing down the figures at retail he will be in a pack making it easy to get the figures and you also get a great box.

The final big name is Ultra Magnus, one I have been waiting for since I passed on him when the Classics/Generations line started. I passed on the first version and passed on the city commander as well, so this addition will compete the new group of bots from Transformers: The Movie. In alt mode he can carry some of the Legend Class figures, and in bot mode he towers over the deluxe class finally giving the character proper size and stature. The figure is the perfect mix of old design and updated details. It looks even better then the old cartoon, making him one amazing figure.

Overall Transformers really stole the show, even with all the new Marvel figures coming out this year.

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