Toy Fair 2015: Four Horsemen

By bill - February 17, 2015

four-horsemen-toy-fair-featThe Four Horsemen are venturing off on their own with Gothtropolis, Mythic Legions, Power Lords and more.

For the first time ever, the Four Horsemen hosted their own booth at Toy Fair, showcasing the Mythic Legions collection on Kickstarter right now, as well as their new second series of Gothropolis Ravens.

The Horsemen are no strangers to Toy Fair– they have often attended showcases by Mattel and other companies they have done work for– but 2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for their original toy lines, so a booth at Toy fair absolutely made sense.

And it did some good– Eric “Cornboy” Mayse said there has been interest from major distributors to carry the Horsemen’s products, which is a big step up from the studio trying to handle distribution all by themselves.  If things proceed, we may see lines like Gothtropolis and the Mythic Legions carried at a number of online outlets, which is great news for the Horsemen and us as collectors.

As for the toys themselves?  They looked great– the new Ravens were as inventive and detailed as the first wave, and after seeing the Mythic Legions sculpts up close and assembled as a group, it’s getting harder and harder to not go all-in on this line.

Here’s a few Mythic Legions notes I go, straight from Cornboy:

  • The articulation looks to have a very wide range of motion.  The shoulder armor is attached to the torsos of the figures with hinges (think the Iron-Man shoulder armor on Hasbro’s recent Marvel Legends), meaning the arms will have a good range of motion.
  • The hip articulation will also be quite good, as the tunics and skirts will attach to the waist with a pliable rubber-like material.  This means the legs will be able to move freely, as the Horsemen’s ultimate intent is to incorporate horses and other steeds in this line… and have these early figures poseable enough that they can ride those creatures.
  • There will not be any female characters in the first wave of Mythic Legions… including the un-revealed stretch goals.  However, if this first wave is a hit and we get a Series Two, we can expect it to be a female-centric assortment.
  • Much has been said of the modular armor on these figures, and seeing it in action, this feature will be great.  In addition to armor pieces like helmets and shoulder pads, even decorations like the horns and antlers that adorn some figures will be interchangeable.  This will allow for a LOT of custom looks to these figures.
  • On a similar not, Sir Gideon, our hero knight, will feature a visor piece that can be displayed up on his head or down covering his face.  You can see the first, ever images of masked Gideon below.

The Horsemen’s Toy Fair presence was impressive, and it certainly sold me on Mythic Legions as one of the year’s most exciting toy lines.  Seeing the detail and the size of these figures, I am very glad the Horsemen opted for a 6″ scale… I’m totally looking forward to these figures, as well as the follow up wave of Power Lords, which will launch on Kickstarter sometime this year.

Check out photos from the Four Horsemen booth at Toy Fair below:

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