Toy Fair 2015: Jakks Pacific

By bill - February 17, 2015

jakks-pacific-featFrom Star Wars, to TMNT to the World of Nintendo, Jakks Pacific had fans covered at Toy Fair.

2015 was the first year with Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich running the show at Jakks Pacific, and he hosted a special event at Toy Fair to showcase the latest and greatest Jakks products.  It was a big showing… literally.  Jakks has a unique approach among action figure companies, thanks to their large scale figures, which clock in at 20″, 36″ or even 48″ in height!

In addition to Power Rangers and the massive 36″ Godzilla already at retail, Jakks will feature 20″ versions of Mario and Link from the World of Nintendo, the Minions, DC super heroes, and an ambitious expansion of the Star Wars universe.  New Star Wars figures slated include Yoda, Bossk, Jedi Luke and more… and future figures will feature even more detail and diverse character selection.  A Sandtrooper was on display, with the intent of representing the future styling of this series, and he looked really good.  The figure sported a healthy amount of detail that really came to life in this larger scale, as well as a great paint apps and even a die cast metal blaster!

The crowning jewel of the Star Wars collection, though, was the 48″ Darth Vader Room Guard.  This colossal scale figure will feature electronic lights and sounds, and can even be programmed to recognize a person as either an Imperial sympathizer, or “rebel scum.”  I’m not sure exactly how it all works, but a toy that can size me up then judge me sounds like a home run to me.  And Vader will be joined later this year by more of the Ninja Turtles, who will join the 48″ Michelangelo released last Fall.

What I found most interesting among Jakks’ offerings was their World of Nintendo collection, the first time all the core Nintendo characters have been released under one umbrella toy line.  This means Mario and Link and Samus Aran toys are all being released under one universal banner, with attention paid to consistent scale and game accurate details.

This year, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nintendo, and Jakks is pulling out all the stops in their three-tiered approach to their figures.  The 2.5″ figures feature the widest character selection, at the lowest price.  They are going deep with this assortment, but the coolest thing?  It will include characters such as the Goomba and Shy Guy, who will actually be in perfect scale with the 4″ Mario figures!

Speaking of the 4″ line, that’s the next step up, with more articulated figures of some of the major heroes and villains of Nintendo’s most beloved properties.  The Deluxe Line features larger characters in scale with the 4″ line, and new additions include Ganondorf and Metroid, both of which looked great.

The Nintendo collection will also feature plush toys, including a very fun set of 8-bit pixel-style figure pillows based on Mario, Link and Luigi… and Jakks will release a line of 4″ plastic 8-bit figures later this year, as well.

2015 is going to be a big year for Jakks Pacific, and it all leads up to next year, when they will launch their Warcraft movie toy line.  While nothing was shown for this toy line, Neitlich promised a highly detailed line of action figures including both humans and orcs, offered in both 6″ and large scale.  The Warcraft movie figures are planned to be revealed at Comic Con this summer, but in the meantime Jakks is committing to their 20″ toys and the World of Nintendo, and I have to admit I was surprised by their efforts.

Take a look at the latest new and upcoming releases from Jakks Pacific:

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