Toy Fair 2015: LEGO- Superheroes, Dinosaurs, and Scooby Doo

By kastor417 - February 14, 2015

LEGO Toy Fair 2015 Kastor's KornerLEGO kicked off Toy Fair 2015 with a press event showing off the set for all the major licenses for 2015.

Our first gallery is up with a look at some of the offerings form LEGO.

LEGO kicked off the show, and had some impressive new sets for 2015. The standard sets are going to continue, like City and Ninjago. Chima has some fun new sets planned with some army builders, and Pirates are returning with some new ships.

The show stealers were the licensed sets this year. Star Wars continues to build a universe, with a giant Slave 1 on the way. It improves on the older set, and increases the set in size and price. The focus of the sets jumps around the Star Wars universe, but the one that stood out the most was the final duel if Return of the Jedi. For those holding out on getting the Death Star, this set will get fans the Emperor and a great play set to show off the figures.

Jurassic Park also had some impressive sets, with one missing from the booth, the Walmart set. For more pics of those sets check out our Universal report. Scooby Doo also grabbed a lot of attention at the show. The new line of sets will build the core team with only two sets. Getting the Mystery Machine set and the castle will give you some fun ghouls and all the main cast. It is a perfect mix of fun and nostalgia for fans of the teens. It was also nice to see they are going classic, and not adding updated designs to the sets.

The Superheroes were the show stoppers, with both Marvel and DC expanding the comic and movie minifigures. DC was the biggest surprise not only continuing the Justice League, but starting to build the Teen Titans. The Joker fun house set if full of villains and Titans, and is only around $120, a great price for DC fans. It will give them some figures to Ebay, to off set the higher cost, if they got all the sets over the past 3 years. Deathstroke also makes and appearance in a Batman and Robin set, helping to build more JL and TT villain roster.

Marvel mixes movie and comic worlds with their sets for 2015. The movie sets contain scenes form both the Avengers 2 and Antman. They give some hints toward some of the action in the films, and give some fun new sets for the Marvel landscape of builds. The Comic sets are based on Ultimate Spider-man and the Spider-man films. The Spider-men are ok but the villains are the stars of the sets, giving fans classic Carnage and Sandman, and a mech-suit Rhino.

For LEGO fans it will be an expenseive year, so keep your eye out for sales and deals at Toys R Us and LEGO Stores.

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