Toy Fair 2015: McFarlane Toys

By bill - February 17, 2015

mcfarlane-featThe Walking Dead reigns supreme at McFarlane Toys’ 2015 Toy Fair booth.

McFarlane Toys is getting serious about their Walking Dead building toys in 2015, with an impressive expansion of the popular new toy line that draws from all corners of the universe created in AMC’s hit TV series.  From blind bagged and multi-pack mini figures, to playsets and new additions to the ever-expanding Prison environment, there is a lot to love in this series.

My favorite set?  The Episode One Rick in his hospital gown, complete with the hospital hallway and the iconic “Don’t Open Dead Inside” locked doors… complete with dessicated walker arms reaching through.  It was such a great scene on the show, and the building set captures it perfectly.  We’re also going to get Dale’s RV, a Woodbury assault vehicle with a net full of walkers, prison cells, the prison walkway and the fateful boiler room, complete with a new, distraught Rick mini figure and the walker that ate his wife Lori.

But even with this ambitious volume of new building sets– and news that Walking Dead won’t be McFarlane’s only building toy property for long– the toymakers had lots of other products in their Toy Fair display, as well.

McFarlane’s resin statue collection will expand, adding Triple H to the previously released Stone Cold Steve Austin, as well as a striking new sculpt based on Medieval Spawn from the classic Spawn #9 comic book.  In addition to new Assassin’s Creed figures, 2015 will also see the release of more figures from both Halo 4 and Halo 5.

As we have seen in the past, the Walking Dead 5″ line will continue, in both TV and comic themes.  The new wave of comic figures, due this summer, include Jesus in his samurai armor, Carl with three alternate heads, Abraham, and the Pincushion Zombie, an original in-house design of a nasty looking walker totally loaded with various pointy things stabbing through his body.

On the TV front, Series 7 will hit retail any day now, and includes revamps of Michonne and Carl, plus new variants of Rick and Hershel and Gareth the cannibal plus a mud covered walker.  This summer, Series 7.5 will include a new version of Rick with a plaid shirt and the hone he used to talk to his dead wife (ugh), plus a gravedigger Daryl variant, and a Flu Walker from the prison, who makes clever reuse of parts from the Glenn figure.

Series 8 does not yet have prototypes, but the lineup was revealed at Toy Fair:

  • Rick (bearded)
  • Dale
  • Morgan
  • Bob
  • Eugene

These figures will be released in October, to coincide with next season’s premiere.  There will also be a Deluxe box set around the same time, including Morgan and a spike trap walker.  And since Beth is running away with the fan poll, it appears she will be a very likely candidate form Series 9, coming in early 2016.

It’s a good time to be a Walking Dead fan, and I’m glad to see McFarlane doing a great job splitting their focus between the 5″ and building toy lines.  We’re inching ever closer to a complete line of figures from this series, and I’m getting the feeling that, by the time it’s all said and done, the Walking Dead collection will be one of the most comprehensive toy lines of all time.

Check out photos from McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead and more from Toy Fair:

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