Toy Fair 2015: Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

By junior - February 17, 2015

playmates-featFrom the hometown of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves, Playmates Toys opened their doors to us to show us an avalanche of new product.

No stone was left unturned. The basic line, vehicles, roleplay items, and half shell were expanded upon, while the Hot-Wheel style stunt car and transforming turtle-to-playset are designed to take up what little free time your child has left after all the other turtle love. Playmates reminds those who have desired more from their turtles action figures that kids can have fun toys that can be enjoyed, both young and old.

The basic line trotted out their latest incarnations of the turtles, featuring episode-specific outfits that took their adventures in exciting new directions. Their battle takes them into space it seems, taking the battle directly to the Kraang. Turtles in space outfits, guided by Fugitoid, are expected to butt heads with the upcoming Triceratons. Their was one space villain that debuted at the show, but the presenter struggled with the name. Other standouts include 2 forest frogs and Dream Beavers each, Kraang Prime, and the adorable ice cream kitty, Don’s brainy chicken, and Raph’s pet turtle Spike.

There were additional figures and accessories that incorporated various play action. Mutations work not unlike Hasbro’s Hero Mashers, with swappable limbs to create your own unique mutant. Note that some figures in this series have increased scale, so you might not want to overlook ones like Leatherhead. Pilfering other good ideas from Hasbro, a new set of your heroes in a half shell can also transform into their signature weapons. While there is no Donatello that can truncate into a bo staff, kids may need a second Raphael or Leonardo. One giant Leonardo even transforms into a lair playset which fits up to 20 figures with various battle stations, features, and a weapons rack! There are turtles that perform new mechanical “ninja action”. For fun in the back yard or Halloween night, role play face masks, shells and weapons are at your wallets disposal.

Vehicles meant to take your action figures on an action-packed ride have some noteworthy figures when otherwise passed over. One figure-with-vehicle set includes the first-ever Casey Jones sans face paint or mask. Your April figure will be pleased, but we can’t say the same for Donatello. Three vintage vehicles making their triumphant returns are the Pizza Thrower (note the episode-specific evil mutant pizza slice adorning the side), the gloriously massive Turtle Blimp, and the freewheeling Party Wagon. Lastly, a new collection the Hot Wheels-inspired T-Machines will make an impact starting this month. These racers are cars with your favorite mutants hanging along the top. There are a slew of designs to pick from, and they come in sets of two. As expected small and large racing sets will allow you to stunt race your crazy new rides to enhance the play experience.

For the tiny turtle fans, there is a full expansion of the successful Half-Shell Heroes. The plush are about 6-inches tall and feature the titular heroes so far. Bath squirters are coming for fun in the tub. There are also roleplay masks and electronics incorporated into the weapons for developmental fun. For the Half-Shell Heroes toys , we are getting kid-friendly renditions of all the wacky mutants we have seen thus far on the show. Like the basic line,there are new mutants, vehicles, playsets, and multiple scales for a multitude of play options.

While the Classics Shredder and Krang were a notable absence, it truly was overshadowed by a bevy of exciting new product. TMNT has endured for over 25 years and Playmates has shown us jaded collectors why it’s a viable property they kids can get into in their own unique way with every new relaunch and retelling of the story. There is no denying Playmates have a winning formula for making fun toys everyone can enjoy or appreciate. They have a ways to go to sufficiently tap into the Collector’s market, but they had our wrapped attention at Toy Fair 2015.

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