Toy Fair 2015: Universal Debuts Minions & Jurassic World

By kastor417 - February 18, 2015

universal-featThe Minions and Dinosaurs were front and center this year at Toy Fair. The two properties are so huge, they got their own off site showroom at Toy Fair. 

Universal did an amazing job showing off the two big family films for this year. While some of the stuff we go a chance to see at other booths, seeing it all in one place really showed just how much yellow we will see in stores this year. The even kicked off with a look at the trailers in 3-D ( and now i have no doubt i have to Jurassic World that way) and then we were lead into the show room.

While most of the show room was bright yellow, the dinosaurs were not to be outdone. Jurassic World had a great showing in the room from not only Hasbro and LEGO, but also all the other cool merchandise planned for later this year. We got a chance to see the LEGO sets on satuday, but got a close look at the sets during this presentation. The gyro-pods (the bubbles people room around in during the trailer) are impressive with new parts, which will allow the middle section with minifigures to stay centered as the ball rolls. In addition to the sets shown there will also be an exclusive set coming to Walmart that has Chris Pratt other two velociraptor pets. Hasbro is also using the same plans as their other toys line with plans to release items to hook kids into the line at a young age, creating memories to keep the coming back for more, even after the film is out of the theaters.

At heart I will always love the giant lizards, but the Minions really took over the room. Not only will we see figures based on the characters, but also building sets, plush, games, and so much more. The market will not forget the little guys through out the year with so much merchandise coming out for the movie release and then later for the holiday season and DVD release. Megabloks has an impressive line of figures planned with a giant vampire castle in the works, adding already to the Minion sets that were released late last year. There are also a few electronic figures coming out, building on the interactive play from the last film. The new figures will not only intertact with the kids, but also each other. Having the toys interact fosters that collector drive in kids that we as adult know all so well, they will have to have them all. One of the more impressive one was the jumping Stuart figure. Know him down and he will flip back up, whether he lands face up or face down.

We walked out with a goodie bag, a sampling of things to come from the lines, which only proved to me that there is a lot more Minions and dinosaurs in 2015 for me.

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