Toy Fair 2015: YOXO

By bill - February 17, 2015

yoxo-featYOXO takes building toys in a fun new direction.

One of my favorite parts of Toy Fair is discovering new toys and toymakers, and one of my favorites in 2015 was YOXO.  Their collection of toys bridges the gap between building toys and puzzles, with an assembly of “X” “Y” and “O” shaped cardboard parts linking together to form characters such as a dune buggy, robots, a pegasus and more.

The characters each have a strong personality, excellent designs featuring eye-catching colors, and a great size, averaging about 8 to 12 inches long, depending on the set.  This is totally great, considering the flat parts can store in the very space conscious boxes they’re packed in.

Not only are the YOXO sets cool looking and lots of fun, they are made of eco-friendly, recycled material, and are produced entirely in the USA.  Both these facts are very rare in the toy world, and in my opinion, help to make the YOXO sets really stand out.

The first three sets– Doon, Orig and Flye– are available now.  The second series, including Tera, Wynd and Fure, will be available later this year.  Like other building toys, the YOXO sets can also be assembled into different custom creations, and the toymakers even have a section on their website showcasing the best kid creations using their parts.

Check out a look at the YOXO showcase at Toy Fair, and Click Here for YOXO’s official website.

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