Toy Fair 2016: Dark Horse

By bill - February 15, 2016

dark-horse-witcherSeriously, I need that Night’s King in my life.

Another booth I absolutely had to hit at Toy Fair was Dark Horse.  The collectibles branch of the celebrated comic publisher showcased an impressive display, spanning from their Game of Thrones and Halo collections to the wicked new figure series based on The Witcher: Wild Hunt.

I’ve mentioned before how into Dark Horse’s Game of Thrones figure series I am.  For less than $25, these 9″ scale figures are an incredible value.  The sculpts are great, and while they lack articulation, the poses chosen for each figure convey the personality of the character perfectly.  Paint Masters were shown for the next wave of figures, including Greyworm, Oberyn, Margaery, Ygritte, and Varys.  Joining these five in the Fall will be the Night’s King, whose figure made his debut at Toy Fair.

The lord of the White Walkers will also be available as a premium resin bust, one of the premium pieces offered by Dark Horse, alongside the Dragon Egg bookends set, perfect for any shelf in Westeros.  Dark Horse’s Game of Thrones figure collection is getting pretty expansive at this point, and the TV series has been on long enough that they may consider revisiting some core characters in alternate costume or different looks as the toy line continues.  So I may get my Red Viper armored Oberyn yet!

Dark Horse also had on display the next releases for their Halo ship series.  Based on Halo 5, the stealth Prowler, Phaeton, and Banshee were all meticulous in their detailing, and fit perfectly in scale with the previous releases in this series.

Based on the hit video game series, Dark Horse’s Witcher collection promises to be another big winner.  The iconic wolf head will be rendered in several collectible formats… but the 9″ plastic figures were the true show stoppers of the display.  Like the Game of Thrones collection, these pre-posed figures are not articulated, but are loaded with game accurate detailing and fantastic paint apps.  Each Witcher figure stands atop a uniform circular display base, with the wolf head sigil in the center, which is a great way to tie this entire collection neatly together on display.

The first wave of Witcher figures will include Geralt, Triss, and Yennefer, followed by Ciri and Eredin the Wild Hunt King in Series Two.  These figures will hit retail starting in September, and at under $30 SRP, they’re another incredible value.

Take a look through our Dark Horse gallery below, and keep checking back here for reviews on the Game of Thrones figure collection and more awesome collectibles from Dark Horse!

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