Toy Fair 2016: DC Collectibles- The Showroom

By kastor417 - February 17, 2016

Toy Fair 16 DC Collectibles Kastors KornerWe ended the weekend talking with the team at DC Collectibles, and boy did we go out with a bang!

It was clear that DC Collectibles was the company to beat at Toy Fair. The focus is on the movie, TV, and Animated worlds, but comics were not taking a back seat.

There was a big presence of the new DC Movie Universe in DC’s booth this year, with figures and statues leading the merchandise. The statues were stunning, and while they were not final they are almost perfect. From the images I took it looked like the actors were right there with me during the tour. The figures were light for the TV world, but DC Collectibles are stepping into the high price figure world. Like the releases from SH Figuarts and Figma, the DC film figures will be the definitive line for collectors who want a complete movie universe. While Mattel may make many of the characters from the film they are limited by their buyers, DC Collectibles does not have to play by the same rules. Figures were shown from Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, and Suicide Squad– mainly the heroes and villains– but characters like Alfred and Lois are not off the table for this line. The price point will be much higher, but they will be worth it if the prototypes were any indication.

The Icons line is continuing, with figures from all eras. The first team specific pack will be out this year, and might the the best way for collectors to get the same looks for all the figures. It could expand past the JLA, but only time will tell. The figures will improve over time as can be seen in the accessories included. We brought up the lack of neck articulation, and it is on their list of changes as the line grows. The other big line was the Animated collection, which is not without it’s issues, but the next wave with Commissioner Gordon and R’as Al Ghul look amazing, and it is clear they changed factories. The figure seem a little thicker and sturdier, and they are making fixes like with the last Killer Croc figure, whose missing knee joints keep him standing upright. For those of you who don’t want to buy another Batmobile, the Bat Signal and cloth cape figures of the dynamic duo are on the way separately. The Designer lines of figure will continue, and the new Harley Quinn series just might be one of the most fun to date. The line will have action features and could also expand past just figures, if the line is well supported.

There was lots to see but the part that made me really buy into the lines and statues by DC Collectibles is the honesty and care that goes into these products. Issues arise, but they are addressed by the team. They look for fixes, and make the adjustments needed to improve the line. It is that care that makes it easier to support their lines, because you know they will only get better with time. They also listen to their fans, so please be nice in your comments, but let them know when things work or don’t.  It will only improve the lines.

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