Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Toys

By kastor417 - February 17, 2016

DTS Toy Fair Kastors KornerOne of the more diverse companies out there is Diamond Select Toys. Shown off at Toy Fair this year was their full range of toys for all ages. 

There was a little bit of everything from DTS this year. Batman fans can choose from the Animated world to Gotham, with Animated Series statues, busts, and bottle openers keeping the series alive in a very collector friendly way. The price point and character selection make this line accessible to collectors. The diorama pieces alone make the 7″ Gotham figure worth the price, whether you like the show or not. And speaking of dioramas, the Ghostbusters will be hard to resist this year. It will take a while to complete, but the line is just awe-inspiring– the undertaking and dedication of the company comes through in the giant collector’s piece that is the rooftop diorama from the final act of the original movie. While there won’t be any females in the 7″ action figure line (Except for Dana), we saw the new movie director Paul Feig checking out the Minimates during our tour, so they will be continuing with the main characters from the new film and as well as their ghost adversaries.

The Muppets will continue in Minimate form and starting soon Select format. Some of the final details about the diorama pieces in the Select line are still the works, but figures are incredibly well sculpted. The Back to the Future Minimates will continue this year, with a few new Delorean sets and multipacks. Predator is slowing down, but Aliens is ramping up with new sets, and even vehicles. Marvel will be going back to the 70’s for a stunning comic series of figures based on The Phoenix Saga, and the Marvel/ Netflix Minimates is going to add to the already-growing Marvel Movie series. While the two worlds don’t mix yet, collectors can now battle it out in Minimates form, with all these new figures.

There was a lot more on the way from DST in 2016, and the pictures below show off just how impressive their plans are for the next twelve months.  Take a look at the gallery below for more!

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