Toy Fair 2016: Good Smile Company

By junior - March 1, 2016

figma-samus-aran-toy-fairIt appears the import market is making a bigger footprint in North American with each passing year. Whether seen as Bandai Japan’s biggest competitor or companion, Good Smile Company has kept their hat in the ring with highly-detailed, high-end video game and anime merchandise.

There were all sorts of goodies at the Good Smile booth, both big and small (or in this case: Figma and Nendoroid). Good Smile Company brings great smiles to collector’s faces with their 2016 offerings.

Figma has a menagerie of offerings. On the video game front, Link of the Legend of Zelda: a Link between Worlds, Virtua Fighter’s Sarah Bryant and Akira Yuki (both Players one and two outfits), and Metroid: The Other M’s Zero Suit Samus Aran joins Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, and Skyward Sword Link. Anime Hero Yu-Gi-Oh will be paired with one of his most-played card avatars: The Dark Magician Girl. Lastly, the Table Museum combines both the greatest sculptures or all time with the Figma articulation you know and love. Shown were Michelangelo’s David, Venus De Milo, and the Thinker.

Nendoroid gives collectors both chibi versions of popular characters and signature figures that are already presented in that style. Animal Crossing’s Annabelle, Super Mario Brother’s Mario, and Link from both Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker HD have already been released. Upcoming Nendoroids are Kirby, Super Mario’s Luigi, Mega Man, and Wind Waker’s Princess Zelda. When speaking to the representatives at the booth, it seems this may not be the last representation of the titular princess from Good Smile Company!

What is fantastic about Good Smile Company is that they don’t keep upcoming releases close to the vest. The unfortunate part is the agonizing wait for the next Zelda, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Twilight Princess Link. Their anime and video game figures have been without peer. May 2017 bring us fewer preview cards and more prototypes!

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