Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Transformers Showcase

By kastor417 - February 16, 2016

Transformers Kastors Korner Toy Fair 2016With no movies on the horizon the kids of the 80’s and today won big for Transformers at this year’s Toy Fair. 

I was told by Bill that I was was too vocal in the front row at the Hasbro event during the Transformers presentation. But with each new slide, a new expletive came flying out of my mouth, because after thinking I was done, Hasbro pulled me back in to collecting Transformers.

The focus of this year will be Titans and HeadMasters, and while they were not my favorite era of Transformers the character selection for the line is. Updated versions of Blurr, Wheelie, Blaster, Soundwave, Lazerbeak, and more are going to make it nearly impossible to pass on this year for this 80’s kid. I wish the pictures did justice to the look of the figures from the post-Transformers: The Movie roster, but they don’t. Seeing the pictures below makes the new figures look okay, but seeing them in person is just stunning. They capture the look of the 80’s characters, with the modern sculpting and tooling capabilities. They also finally make Blaster and Soundwave take players, and while many kids today have no clue what these even are, the characters are finally brought back to their 80’s glory.

The biggest reveal was Fortress Maximus, and massive does not even begin to describe the figure. Those who want to build a true Transformer city will be able to this year. Maximus will put the older larger scale figures to shame, once he is part of your collection. And not only is he big, but he also has a HeadMaster… and his Headmaster has a Headmaster.

Transformers did not have the same weight of Star Wars or Marvel this year, but for long-time collectors what we saw was just as impressive.

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