Toy Fair 2016: Jakks Pacific

By bill - February 15, 2016

Jakks-Star-WarsJakks Pacific showed off new Big Figs, Warcraft, the World of Nintendo, and more at Toy Fair 2016.

Jakks Pacific has had quite a bit of success with their Big Fig collection.  The 20″+ scale collection will continue in 2016 with expansions to the Star Wars series, Batman vs Superman, and some great new comic-inspired figures based on the heroes of the DC universe.

The Batman vs Superman lineup includes Batman and Superman (as you’d expect), Wonder Woman and Armored Batman… as well as 30″ versions of the two core heroes.  The comic style line will include Flash, Superman, a few color variants of Batman, and a deluxe action feature Batman with pop-open cape and action sounds.  In keeping with the vintage, Super Powers appeal of this line, Batman’s action feature will be triggered by squeezing his legs, a nice nod to the iconic toy line brand manager Scott Neitlich loves as much as we all do.

Darth Vader is also getting a deluxe action feature oriented 20″ figure.  A 30″ C3PO will join the previously released R2D2 (they look great together).  And the big show stopper was the (roughly) 1:1 scale BB-8.  This version of everyone’s favorite ball droid stands about a foot and a half tall, and its sculpt is packed with movie accurate details.  In addiiton to some light and sound features, BB-8 will even sport its pop-put lighter arm, ready to affirm your choices with total approval.  While it’s not being touted as a prop replica, the scale definitely makes this little guy serve that purpose well… which is especially awesome considering he will hit retail for only $50.

There’s one more set of Force Awakens Big Figs hitting stores this Spring, which will include FN-2187 with a removable helmet, as C3PO with his red arm, who will get a silver-leg/ gold arm chase variant.  As of June, The Force Awakens characters will be rolled into the Classics series, which will be a second distinct assortment of Big Figs based on the entire Star Wars universe, with the exception of the current year’s movie (in this case, Rogue One).  The first wave of Classics will include Rey, who was originally intended to be released back on #ForceFriday, but was pushed back due to what Jakks referred to as “multiple factors.”  I think she’ll be worth the wait, though, as not only will our new hero include her lightsaber, but sports a great portrait of Daisey Ridley, easily one of the best likenesses we’ve seen in Jakks’ Star Wars series.

The World of Nintendo line is still going strong, with the latest 5″ and 2″ figures on display, along with the Warcraft toy line that is just now hitting retail, in advance of this summer’s movie.  Jakks has some really great properties, and they’ve found success with some very inventive ways to distinguish themselves in a crowded toy aisle.  And the newest Big Figs prove that the team at Jakks is not resting on laurels; the quality and detail in these figures has been increasing with each new wave, and my time at Toy Fair left me convinced, once again, that Jakks Pacific is on to something “big.”*

*Pun intended. And I’m aware of how terrible it was.

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