Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Showcase

By kastor417 - February 16, 2016

TF 2015 Kastors Korner LEGOLEGO kicked off Toy Fair weekend with their annual event. They showed off heroes, Knights, and users of the Force. 

With all the Marvel and DC Movies on the way it was surprising to see all the comic based sets coming out this year from LEGO. Many of these have been circulating the net after the Nuremberg Toy Fair, but seeing them in person is a much different thing.

The Spider-man and Batman based sets were stunning, making sure that any comic fan will have much lighter wallets after the summer sets hit stores. The amazing part of both properties was the inclusion of characters like Katana and Aunt May, figures I never thought it would see in LEGO form. There are also updates on both Killer Croc and Scarecrow for those who did not want to track down the older versions and higher priced figures. What has been shown for the movies was on display with nothing new added.

From the look of things properties like Scooby Doo, Chima, and Pirates are gone for now at least. The Nexo Knights showed a huge presence at the show, with a whole aisle to itself. About half of the line is out, with an equal amount coming out later in the year. The only issue from a collector perspective is the inclusion of a small number of unique knights being used in multiple sets. You might have a lot of Aarons if you get all of the sets.

Star Wars will continue to mix the new and the old with some new characters coming soon based on the new Lego Star Wars animated show The Freemaker Adventures. While we can’t show you the preview video, we can show you the figures in the gallery below. Also shown off was the new Hoth Battle set, mixing the old Hoth sets into this much bigger and more populated set. The star of the show for this collector was seeing the 66 Batcave in person, and getting a Mr. Freeze to go along with it. It is massive, and I am hopeful this won’t be a one off, with many more villains and a couple other heroes to add to the line.

LEGO kicked off the weekend with so much new stuff, that it was hard to top… Well, mostly.

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